Monthly Archives: June 2007

Vacation Time

I thought I would post this pansy that I shot awhile back, got very up close and personal with this one. I am heading out in the morning to the Smokey Mountains for a little hiking and camping with the family, I am sure I will get a image or two in while I am down there as well. See you all in about a week or so, take care.



Over the Edge

This is an image of Little Clifty Falls, a view from the top of my post Frozen Falls, shot last fall I converted it to B&W. I really like the lines and angles in this and how the water flows over all the structure, I added B&W to strengthen the image. Thanks for stopping buy and taking a look.


Geranium Up Close

I have been working with some files of my backyard flowers that I would like to share with you all. This a simply geranium that I shot at a very shallow aperture to to try to emphasize the color and shape more than just detail. I blew this one up to 16×24 and it looked really nice, the colors filled the room, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


Frozen Falls

Another image to cool down with, this is Little Clifty Falls and I shot this image after a long cold spell last February, this falls stands about 70 feet and was frozen from top to bottom. It took about a month for this to freeze up like this and on the day I captured this image we were right at the beginning of a warm spell, I could here the ice cracking and beginning to break up, needless to say I didn’t linger in the area long after I shot this photo. But once again another one of the sights you just don’t see unless you get off your rear and venture out on a hike. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


Winter Revisited

I thought I might give you all a cool refreshing blast from the past, my son and I went on a hike to Clifty Falls Park today, and needless to say it was hot and muggy. We hiked up this very ravine that I have pictured here, just four short months ago on that day everything fell into place with the elements being nearly perfect, not too cold to be uncomfortable but cold enough to support a nice snowfall. It was definitely a beautiful moment, but today, well it was just HOT and MUGGY. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. ( I changed images due to the fact that after looking at the last one for a while it sucked, this is from the same ravine just about 40 yards down stream)