Wild Columbine


Another wildflower shot from earlier this spring, wild columbine are some of the most beautiful flowers in the forest, especially after rain.


6 thoughts on “Wild Columbine

  1. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks Bonnie, you are right this is a beautiful area, most people think of Indiana as corn fields and farms, but the southern part of the state is very rugged.

  2. Sheryl DeVore

    Greetings and thank you for posting your beautiful photograph. I write a column called Backyard Beat for the Pioneer Press Newspaperes in suburban Chicago, and wondered if you would allow me to use the photo with a story I’ve written about columbine. I would give you credit and your photo company credit, as well as the Web site as payment.

    Please do let me know one way or the other as soon as you can.

    You can reach me at 847-835-8341 (where I work at the Chicago Botanic Garden) or at home 847-566-4846 or via email


    To see my latest article, visit
    http://www.pioneerlocal.com and look for Home & Design section with Backyard Beat

    Many thanks for your consideration.

    Sheryl DeVore

  3. Kym

    I’m from California and we, too, have colombine natives that are similar to yours but you did an incredible job of capturing the beauty of this one.

  4. Diana Hartman

    Found some of these lovely flowers while hiking today in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the best thing about them is not shown in this photo…when you turn it over there are perfect little yellow circles clustered around the seed pod.

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