Happy Valley Bluebells

Here is a wideangle shot from below Hanover College that I had shot earlier this spring, I came across these beautiful flowers while on a hike thru the gorge below the college, and was amazed by the sheer number of these plants that I was lucky enough to had stumbled upon. Acre after acre of these magnificent blue wildflowers lined the hillside, in some places as far as the eye could see, I grabbed as many shots as I could and was hoping to return the next day to do more extensive work. But that night a cold front moved thru that ended our wildflower season rather abruptly, bringing cold and windy conditions for the next four weeks. Hopefully next spring if everything goes alright I will have a real nice hotspot to get some nice images from. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



8 thoughts on “Happy Valley Bluebells

  1. diamondsandrust

    Love your photography.Which for me is definately art though I prefer painting.
    Stumbled over your blog and found your bluebells,my favourite wild flower,only your bluebells aren’t mine,although certainly an eye opener. We have bluebells too in England,which spread their perfumed blue carpet through the woods in April and May,unfortunately becoming more rare because people can’t resist picking them.Keep up your art.


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