Dutchman’s Breeches

These are definitely a unique wildflower, the bloom resembles an upside down pair of trousers, I tried to really zoom in and isolate the bloom to convey the beauty we sometimes pass by. They are a early spring flower that blooms in late March thru early April in large clusters of a hundred or more, most large wooded hillsides will have these fine wildflowers blooming along side many other beautiful wildflowers every spring. So get out and take a hike to see them and the other wonders of nature at this time of the year.



8 thoughts on “Dutchman’s Breeches

  1. montucky

    Another beautiful photo, and another wildflower I’ve not seen before!

    Taking a hike to see the beauty of nature is excellent advice. It’s surprising and satisfying to see what you can find if you’re really looking closely.

  2. forestrat

    Hey Bernie,

    Thought I would stop by your blog since you were kind enough to visit mine. Beautiful photos!

    I went to Butler U. in Indianapolis and lived in Muncie for years before moving back to NY. Southern Indiana definetly does not fit the “corn field” image that most people have of Indiana.


  3. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the nice comments folks, your right the southern part of the state has a lot more hills, canyons and more diversified topography than the rest of the state does.

  4. jackgrahamphoto


    These are really cool… I have a bunch of transparencies that I shot about 2 years ago here in Ohio. you motivated me to look at them, maybe tomorrow!

    very nice shot. I’d post this on NPN!


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