Winter Revisited

I thought I might give you all a cool refreshing blast from the past, my son and I went on a hike to Clifty Falls Park today, and needless to say it was hot and muggy. We hiked up this very ravine that I have pictured here, just four short months ago on that day everything fell into place with the elements being nearly perfect, not too cold to be uncomfortable but cold enough to support a nice snowfall. It was definitely a beautiful moment, but today, well it was just HOT and MUGGY. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. ( I changed images due to the fact that after looking at the last one for a while it sucked, this is from the same ravine just about 40 yards down stream)




4 thoughts on “Winter Revisited

  1. montucky

    That is a refreshing scene for a hot summer day, and one we wouldn’t see up here with all our evergreens. Very nice!

  2. paintingartist

    Nice that you do so much with your son. Me and my dad were always in the woods somewhere doing something. Really nice shot. I like where you put the elements leading the eye back into the picture.

  3. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for taking a look folks, it is really nice to be able to spend time outdoors with my son, I know these times will fly by and I better enjoy them while they last.


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