Over the Edge

This is an image of Little Clifty Falls, a view from the top of my post Frozen Falls, shot last fall I converted it to B&W. I really like the lines and angles in this and how the water flows over all the structure, I added B&W to strengthen the image. Thanks for stopping buy and taking a look.



7 thoughts on “Over the Edge

  1. paintingartist

    I love to look at people’s black and white conversions. I like your white and black points. Nice tones throughout. I think the tones are soft which coincides with the softness you captured in the water. It is a nice angle. The triangular shape in the upper right corner with its darker tones makes a strong enough statement being separated enough but not so much that you don’t look at the rest of the photo. Good job.

  2. montucky

    Really nice, Bernie. That’s a photo to study and contemplate. I spend lots of time studying streams in the high country and find it fascinating.

  3. Photo Buffet

    Hey Bernie,
    Since you haven’t yet joined the world in June 2008, I thought I’d visit last June’s archives. I don’t know how I missed this beautiful b/w. Your water photos have certainly captured that unique Bernie Kasper look. I think I could spot one anywhere. Really nice work!


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