Vacation Time

I thought I would post this pansy that I shot awhile back, got very up close and personal with this one. I am heading out in the morning to the Smokey Mountains for a little hiking and camping with the family, I am sure I will get a image or two in while I am down there as well. See you all in about a week or so, take care.



11 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Mike Moats

    Hey Bernie, a wild looking image, great color. Have fun in the Smokies, looking forward to seeing some of your images.

  2. forestrat

    Thanks Bernie. I need to see about getting something like that. I have some screw-on diopters which work OK, but a macro lens would be more convenient and probably work better.

  3. Photo Buffet

    This is a great ad for the Sigma 150mm macro, Bernie. I can see you’re having fun with that lens! Beautiful, rich blue. Your macro photos are getting better & better!


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