Monthly Archives: July 2007

“Clifty Creek Abstract”

This one came from my hike the other day up Clifty Creek, tried a different comp on this one hopefully emphasizing the lines and textures of the moving water, I wasn’t happy with color of the water so I converted it to B&W. I shot this one at f/16 with a shutter speed of 1.5 seconds, my ISO was set at 100 as well, I like the almost silver look to the water and the varying paths it seems to be leading. Thanks for taking a look. Btw compression is killing this one a little bit, because is sizing down the horizontal side.



“J.F.D. Lanier Mansion”

This home, located in Madison Indiana, is an historic landmark and tourist stop for the many people who travel to our city for it’s beauty and historic significance. The mansion is a Greek revival structure built buy the noted architect Francis Costigan in 1844, it was built for J.F.D. Lanier one of Indiana’s most important men in the 19 century because of his ties to banking and the railroad.

It was Lanier who loaned money to the state of Indiana to keep it from bankruptcy and to enable the state to support troops for the Civil War. Much of the furniture and the 3-story spiral staircase remain along with the traditional gardens that reflected late 19-century living. This is one of the many images of this home and many of the other historic structures that our city is famous for, I will try to share a few more with you later this week. Thanks for taking a look.


“Is it Summer or Fall”

A friend and I took a hike up Clifty Creek today, after all the rain this week we had a little water flow not really enough for the big falls,  but I was able to get some intimate water shots. On this one I tried to make you guess a little on the time of year, of course it is summer, but with the dry conditions  we have had a few of the poplar leaves have changed color and dropped and I was looking for a fall like shot.

I don’t know how these two little guys just happened to make their way to this spot on the creek, but I will take or make a shot any way I can. This is a very wide rapid in the creek and I should be able to return later this fall and capture some very nice images. It was a really nice day for a hike and I was happy to be able to enjoy it with a good friend and get a couple images to boot.


“Electric Blue”

Shot of a very up close and personal Iris, shot this at extremely shallow 2.8 and tried to use the stamens as a focus point, I really liked how the blue and the colors of the stamen seemed to pop off the screen. This is another one that looks real nice blown up to around 13×19. Thanks for taking a look.


“Falls Creek Fall”

This was shot last fall in Clfty Park, this is Little Clifty Creek, the conditions were nearly perfect. The creek had the right amount of water for a good image, just enough to give it motion and not too much as to wash everything away. The sky was overcast and the wind was light, trying to get all these conditions together can be rather difficult, but if you will stick it out and know your area before you arrive it will save a lot of time and trouble.

This was shot with a wideangle lens and at a slow shutter speed, around 1.5 seconds, I also shot it ISO160 which helped slow down the ss as well. I wonder sometimes how anybody can take a good image with all the different variables that have to come together to make a good shot, hope you like this one, thanks for taking a look.


“Clifty Falls”

This is the namesake falls for our state park, this falls is about a 60 foot straight drop, it runs either low or a trickle thru most the year since it is a seasonal falls. But when the conditions are right you can get a show like this if your lucky and have good timing.

This was shot one spring morning after a night of heavy rain, the park took on an almost rain forest look to it after all the rain, the greens seemed to glow and the heavy cloud cover gave me low light conditions that made all the colors have a beautiful saturated wet look that I love to photograph. The only problem was it was a little windy, and the image was a little soft over all, but I used USM and that seemed to help. It was one of those mornings when you are glad you put everything off and go out with your gear and try to find a little inspiration, thanks for taking a look.


“Greenbriar Confluence”

This is another image from my last trip to the Smokies in the Greenbriar section of the park, I pulled over at the confluence of the Pigeon River and another smaller creek, I climbed over the side and waded out about 20 feet into the creek to get this shot. I liked how the light pulls you up the creek into the image, I slowed down my shutter speed to get the “frosty” look as the water flowed over the rocks.

I was going to make the 8 mile hike up to and back from Ramsey’s Cascade but I ran out of light so I just worked the creek up to the trailhead. There are so many photo ops in the Smokies I almost hate going any more because I never feel I can do the area justice, it is almost a place you have to live near to be able to get a good feel for the area. Along with wildflowers, stream and waterfall images are my favorite type to capture, they have such a peaceful mood to them I really enjoy photographing.