“Sunset Over Madison”

This is a sunset shot I got one evening,  this from Kentucky looking across the Ohio River towards Madison Indiana, my home. This is one of the biggest weekends for our town, we have the annual Hydroplane Race, along with an assortment of other activities including fireworks and a air show. I shot this from Milton Kentucky looking towards Madison, I shot it thru the Madison-Milton bridge, I really liked how the lights from the town and bridge were reflecting in the river. I may go to the fireworks tonight and try to get some shots but they are expecting tens of thousands of people, and there is not much worse than taking your photo stuff out in a crowd like that and trying to answer all the questions you will inevitable get.  I can have a whole other post about that some other time, I find myself wanting to shoot more things away from crowds the older I get,  less patience I guess. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



10 thoughts on ““Sunset Over Madison”

  1. montucky

    That’s another really nice photo Bernie. A nice combination of many different elements. I appreciate your posting these. They give me lots of things to hink about!

  2. HeyJules

    That’s got to be one of those photos where you upload it and then immediately get down and kiss the floor.

    Stunning! The color palate is extraordinary!

  3. ankush

    Wonderful work Bernie! Did you use a polarizer? Amazing final result, all in all – extraordinary colors, silhouette of the geometry of the bridge – just amazing!

  4. Richard

    Thanks for adding me on your blog roll Bernie. Did you just start your blog recently? Madison is such a beautiful area. I really like the view when you come over that hill on the Kentucky side.

  5. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Richard, I started the first week of June, I have really enjoyed it. Thanks for linking me up as well, the view coming over the hill is pretty cool.


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