Who or What influenced you most in Photography?

There are many reasons we choose the path we take in our careers or life and in many of those instances something or someone was instrumental in the direction we travel. In my case I have often wondered what brought me on this road, I have viewed images from the most notable and talented photographers past and present, but none seemed to have ever affected how I approach or shape my work.

I read stories of how many photographers have their worked influenced or shaped by another artist, I guess my question is who or what brought you to photography, and did it influence your style or philosophy in any way? I am still trying to figure out why I have been doing this for five years and still can’t figure out why. I would really be interested in some of your thoughts on this, it might shed a little light on my reasoning as well.



8 thoughts on “Who or What influenced you most in Photography?

  1. Jim

    It was my ex-wife, a professional photographer, who influenced me. By looking at her photos, even those she took of the kids around the house, I became aware of composition and color. She wasn’t able to describe to me what she was doing or how she was doing it — she just seemed to have a sense for it. But I tried to decompose it for myself and learned quite a bit in the process.

  2. HeyJules

    Although I am still very much at an amateur level, my father, a photojournalist with several national newspapers in the 1960’s-80’s has definitely been my biggest influence. As I child, I would stand with him over his light board reviewing slides or watch him circle endless contact sheets with his red grease pen. Then I’d accompany him to his office darkroom to help develop the photos on weekends when I wasn’t in anyone’s way.

    People will occasionally comment on my work and tell me I have “an eye for it” and I always wonder if it’s my eye or the eye of my father. All those hours of watching him critique and choose between hundreds of thousands of images surely played a part in my passion for photography.

    Other than him, I have to say Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keefe – the first two photography exhibits I ever went to – were a huge influence on my decision to do the majority of my work in the nature venue.

  3. paintingartist

    First, an incredibly beautiful photograph! I love the purples!
    Ansel Adams has had a huge influence on my art. Norman Rockwell, I love how he could tell a story with paint like none other excepting the greatest master Rembrandt. Morgan Weistling. John Seerey-Lester. Karl Brenders.
    Look at Ansel, Rockwell, Rembrandt, Seerey-Lester and you will see a lot of dramatic art. Even Weistling. That is art with dramatic light. That is what I love. Art that comes out of the darkness slowly revealing a little yet leaving a mystery to be solved in what was left in the darkness.
    I guess they inspire me most because we are kindred souls valuing the same things.
    But the greatest inspiration for me is the greatest creator Christ that made it all and if I can show a little of His creativity my life is an utter success. That is my greatest passion and I’m forever amazed at His ability. In awe.
    Great question.

  4. montucky

    What a beautiful photo! You are certainly the master of color!

    I’m strictly an amateur, but am often inspired by great photos I run across and I always learn something when I contemplate them. Yours have done that and have made me much more conscious of all the details that make up great photos.

  5. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, what a bright, beautiful floral. I like it a lot.

    My grandfather used to send me b/w photos from his trips, and at the time, I wondered why he never included a single person in his images. Now I know that he saw beauty in nature at every turn. Although he and I never discussed photography, I think I caught the “bug” from him. My main focus is on nature macros–scenes that many of us pass by because life is so busy. Seems everyone is in a constant state of rush.

    I’m currently delving into photo art, as well–taking 4-6 of my floral photos and digitally painting them into a new image, using my Wacom Intuos3 digital pen tablet. It’s a new challenge and I love this art form. Photography is so personal, and that’s why I enjoy visiting photoblogs like yours. Everyone’s art is unique in its own right.

  6. Bernie Kasper Post author

    These are some great, thought out comments, like I said before with me it wasn’t one thing and there is no one in my family with the desire for photography that I have. I have been able to discover a great group of photographers thru word press including all of your here, thanks for your input and humoring me thru all of my questions and thoughts.


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