“Simple Cascade”

Shot this last fall, I like how the red maple leafs contrasted against the almost B&W rocks and cascade, I really enjoy this type of image.



10 thoughts on ““Simple Cascade”

  1. Lori

    The red leaves are what makes this photo stand out from just another waterfall picture. It is images like this that make you such a great photographer! And it helps that Autumn is my favorite season!

  2. paintingartist

    I love the small beautiful focal point myself Bernie. Nicely framed with the leaves placed well in the composition. I really love water so this image is very compelling to me.

  3. forestrat

    I always like a good shot of falling water. Adding some color from autumn leaves is a plus. Very nice.

    As far as the photography vs digital art thing from a post or two back goes, I figure people can manipulate images all they want if that is their “thing”. All art, be it digital images or paintings or sculpture, is about image manipulation in one way or another.

    On the other hand, since digital technology has provided so many radical new ways to alter images (often they are undetectable), I think that photographers, especially nature type folks like us, will need to start clearly stating where we draw the line on manipulation. People sort of expect “nature” shots to not stray too far from the original scene and I think too much manipulation without stating the fact is sort of pulling the wool over their eyes.

    I have a brief statement on my website about my images that really I think needs to be updated with some more detail. New gizmos come out everyday. Being a geek I like to try them even though I don’t use many of them.



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