“Vertigo Falls”

Actually this is Little Clifty Falls in Southern In near Madison, this is the sister falls to Big Clifty Falls, I captured this image last summer after a string of overnight thunderstorms dropped 5 inches of rain on the park and surrounding area. The water was a raging torrent as you can see in the photo, the magenta color in the water is mud and silt displaced by the swollen creeks, it was quite a sight to witness and something I had to absolutely capture.

I was standing on a platform overlooking the falls using a wide angle lens, every shot I took kept getting the rail in the photo, so I went into the woods found a log set my tripod up as far as it would go and stood up on the log and was finally able to nail this shot. Sometimes you have to go to extreme lengths to get a good shot. Thanks for taking a look.



11 thoughts on ““Vertigo Falls”

  1. paintingartist

    Interesting perspective. I feel as though I’m about to be swept over. I like going to Cloudland Canyon after a rainfall to see the waterfalls there. Interesting how you got the shot. Nice little bit of light hitting the greens for a little contrast.

  2. Lori

    My first thought is “Don’t fall!” (A Mother’s thought!)
    It looks like KS lately, all that water…
    It’s fun to take shots from different angles, perspectives.

  3. montucky

    That’s a cool shot. In my archive of slides from way back I have a shot quite a bit like that taken from the top of Havasu Falls in Arizona. You’re right: there are times when you go to great lengths for a photo!

  4. aullori

    This is beautiful – I love how that almost purplish pink color of the falls compliments the dark green folige. My goodness it must have been a sight to behold. Your shot says to me “once in a lifetime.” gorgeous.

  5. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for the comments it was a really neat sight, and believe it or not, were looking at severe storms for tonight and tomorrow maybe I will get lucky again.

  6. janina

    It’s nice how the mud has produced that colour effect in the water…something quite different. The composition using wide angle lens has let in lots of light to, most likely, quite a dimly lit area. I like it!

  7. Richard

    You could try what the graffiti taggers in L.A. do. Take your belt and tie it around the guard rail and lower yourself down to it. Clifty is awesome. The slick rocks scare me though.


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