“Greenbriar Confluence”

This is another image from my last trip to the Smokies in the Greenbriar section of the park, I pulled over at the confluence of the Pigeon River and another smaller creek, I climbed over the side and waded out about 20 feet into the creek to get this shot. I liked how the light pulls you up the creek into the image, I slowed down my shutter speed to get the “frosty” look as the water flowed over the rocks.

I was going to make the 8 mile hike up to and back from Ramsey’s Cascade but I ran out of light so I just worked the creek up to the trailhead. There are so many photo ops in the Smokies I almost hate going any more because I never feel I can do the area justice, it is almost a place you have to live near to be able to get a good feel for the area. Along with wildflowers, stream and waterfall images are my favorite type to capture, they have such a peaceful mood to them I really enjoy photographing.



18 thoughts on ““Greenbriar Confluence”

  1. conchlife

    Quite frankly, for those familiar with Southern Indiana artists, this photograph looks a lot like the subject matter that William McKendree Snyder used in his oils. Not that he painted oils of streams, but rather the surrounding forest and the light that you mentioned previously. A great shot.

  2. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, this is a spectacular image–such depth and movement! It rivals a beautiful oil painting for detail. I can’t imagine this being a hand-held image, so I’m assuming you used hauled a tripod into the middle of the stream, also? Great work, and well worth the wade.

  3. paintingartist

    So true Bernie, the Smokies are overwhelming causing you to be almost dazed thinking what should I do first? Beautiful photo. I love how you can only barely see the stream disappearing into the horizon. I also like how you put the greens in the upper third. Well thought out and crafted.

  4. Lori

    What a beautiful place! It looks like somewhere I’d like to be to sit and think for awhile. I love how the water looks and its so clear and pretty. Definitely worth going in after the shot.

  5. thisiswhyimhot

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  6. janina

    I feel like I want to dive into the misty water right at the front of the image, just to see if it would give way…Nice shot!

  7. aullori

    Hey thanks for the shutter speed tip. You’ve got a real knack to make a forest scene almost look like you expect fairies and butterflies to start wandering about.

  8. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments, the water had been down pretty bad all summer, but I got lucky and got some rain the night before and it helped out a lot.

  9. jonb49

    Hi Bernie, Just have a look at your site. You have some great work here. I especially like the way you’ve captured the motion of the water on this shot.


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