“Clifty Falls”

This is the namesake falls for our state park, this falls is about a 60 foot straight drop, it runs either low or a trickle thru most the year since it is a seasonal falls. But when the conditions are right you can get a show like this if your lucky and have good timing.

This was shot one spring morning after a night of heavy rain, the park took on an almost rain forest look to it after all the rain, the greens seemed to glow and the heavy cloud cover gave me low light conditions that made all the colors have a beautiful saturated wet look that I love to photograph. The only problem was it was a little windy, and the image was a little soft over all, but I used USM and that seemed to help. It was one of those mornings when you are glad you put everything off and go out with your gear and try to find a little inspiration, thanks for taking a look.



12 thoughts on ““Clifty Falls”

  1. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments guys, Richard it usually stays wet from late fall up to early summer and then all the creeks in the area shut down.

    It does have a funky color to it that I am really not happy with, I have been trying to fix it in PS but it just is not coming out right.

  2. ankush

    wow, this one is amazing! i fall short of words for this one, i just want to stare at it forever. wonderful, beautiful, perfect shot! great work Bernie!

  3. janina

    I like the overall softness to the image, and the green glow. I like the coffee colour to the waterfall; why do you want to remove it, Bernie? Nature provides wonderfulness, enjoy it! ;o)


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