“Falls Creek Fall”

This was shot last fall in Clfty Park, this is Little Clifty Creek, the conditions were nearly perfect. The creek had the right amount of water for a good image, just enough to give it motion and not too much as to wash everything away. The sky was overcast and the wind was light, trying to get all these conditions together can be rather difficult, but if you will stick it out and know your area before you arrive it will save a lot of time and trouble.

This was shot with a wideangle lens and at a slow shutter speed, around 1.5 seconds, I also shot it ISO160 which helped slow down the ss as well. I wonder sometimes how anybody can take a good image with all the different variables that have to come together to make a good shot, hope you like this one, thanks for taking a look.



17 thoughts on ““Falls Creek Fall”

  1. HeyJules

    It is amazing when we walk away with a perfect shot like that, isn’t it? My only negative comment about this one is that I still have two more months of heat and humidity before I can get out and try to take one of my own. Could you speed up the hands of time a bit?

    Otherwise, I have to agree with you – it’s perfection.

  2. Brian

    It looks like you sat down with paint brush in hand and created a masterpiece. This has to be one of the best pictures I have ever seen.

  3. paintingartist

    It is really neat to see how you compose things. I love the color and so much of it being of the same family. Not easily done painting and sure not photographing nature. Very well framed and composed. A joy to look at!

  4. aullori

    It’s amazing isn’t it? Getting all the elements and variations to work out perfectly….. and then having to think about the sun, wind, etc… sometimes it seems like mothernature is on your side and other times if I could I’d strangle that chick! This is fabulous. I love the contrast of colors – as well as that amazing effect you do to make water look almost like falling clouds.

  5. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, one thing I appreciate about your photography is your willingness to explain a photo. Knowing that it was shot at ISO 160 is important, and helps the rest of us when we decide to experiment on our own. This is a beautifully contrasted photo – that softly flowing water and those amazing fall leaves make it beg to be framed! Beautiful work, as always.


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