“Is it Summer or Fall”

A friend and I took a hike up Clifty Creek today, after all the rain this week we had a little water flow not really enough for the big falls,  but I was able to get some intimate water shots. On this one I tried to make you guess a little on the time of year, of course it is summer, but with the dry conditions  we have had a few of the poplar leaves have changed color and dropped and I was looking for a fall like shot.

I don’t know how these two little guys just happened to make their way to this spot on the creek, but I will take or make a shot any way I can. This is a very wide rapid in the creek and I should be able to return later this fall and capture some very nice images. It was a really nice day for a hike and I was happy to be able to enjoy it with a good friend and get a couple images to boot.



9 thoughts on ““Is it Summer or Fall”

  1. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for the comments, I was shooting this under overcast conditions and I was having some white balance issues, not sure if I like how it turned out.

  2. Lori

    This is lovely. The leaves really make the picture and I love how the water flows so smoothly (or so it appears) over the rocks. Looks like you have a backyard filled with wonderful photo opportunities.

  3. paintingartist

    Poplar trees are some of my favorites. I love the bark and the leaves are so simple yet expressive. I really like your use of color limiting it really to the two leaves. A very strong composition.

  4. ankush

    wow i love this photo. you have placed those two leaves in the perfect place. i like how you have framed the photo. beautiful composition as well. nicely done!

  5. Photo Buffet

    Another gorgeous shot. Just curious, what ISO did you use in this one? You live in a beautiful area, Bernie. If I were you I’d never leave home without my camera.

  6. Bernie Kasper Post author

    I shot this one at 100 ISO Bonnie, it was still pretty light when I shot this and I was trying everything to get my ss down, also used a polarizing filter as well. This was also shot at about 1.5 sec at f/16.


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