“J.F.D. Lanier Mansion”

This home, located in Madison Indiana, is an historic landmark and tourist stop for the many people who travel to our city for it’s beauty and historic significance. The mansion is a Greek revival structure built buy the noted architect Francis Costigan in 1844, it was built for J.F.D. Lanier one of Indiana’s most important men in the 19 century because of his ties to banking and the railroad.

It was Lanier who loaned money to the state of Indiana to keep it from bankruptcy and to enable the state to support troops for the Civil War. Much of the furniture and the 3-story spiral staircase remain along with the traditional gardens that reflected late 19-century living. This is one of the many images of this home and many of the other historic structures that our city is famous for, I will try to share a few more with you later this week. Thanks for taking a look.



11 thoughts on ““J.F.D. Lanier Mansion”

  1. montucky

    That’s a beautiful old building. Is it protected and cared for by the state, or is there a foundation that does that?

  2. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Actually it’s part of the state park system, and receives thousands of visitors a year, it’s really quite a site. There is a 3 story spiral staircase inside that I would absolutely love to photograph, but they don’t allow flash or tripods inside. We have many old historic buildings and sites in our town that are kinda interesting if you enjoy architecture and history.

  3. paintingartist

    Interesting article and nice black and white. Theres nothing like those old houses timeworn and still standing. Reminds me a little of the Hunter Museum where I’m from. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ankush

    nice photo. B&W makes it more interesting. i wonder what it would look if you were to apply perspective correction to it in ps….the perspective does add a certain effect to it, i guess it would just be a different feel…

  5. aullori

    I actually had to look at this last night – sit back – digest – then look again. (This is rare for me because I always tend to speak too soon.) This is what I got – had this been just a shade darker it would have come across as menacing however, because of your lighting it looks instead inviting but in a very reserved and stately way. Based on how you spoke fondly of the historical building I think this was the intent you had. (It would have been so easy to make this ominous with the angle you chose and the b&w) Instead it comes across as respectful. I suddenly loved this photo – but didn’t know why. Finally today I understand. These are always my favorite kind of surprises – ones that teach me about myself. (p.s. I hope I got close to what you were trying to convey – and if not then you’ll just take it as a compliment.) Beautiful piece.

  6. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments guys,

    Ankush, I thought about changing the perspective, but I actually sold this one and the client liked it as is.

    Lori, thanks for your thoughtful input, and your are absolutely correct I do have a great deal of respect for this and other historic buildings in our community. There are some truly unique and beautiful architecture here and I really enjoy sharing a little of it with the rest of you.

  7. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thats a story unto itself Bonnie, in my little community there are only certain people who can do certain things. My work is just not quite good enough to be used for anything of that nature, if you get my drift. Maybe sometime I will devote a whole post to it.


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