“Clifty Creek Abstract”

This one came from my hike the other day up Clifty Creek, tried a different comp on this one hopefully emphasizing the lines and textures of the moving water, I wasn’t happy with color of the water so I converted it to B&W. I shot this one at f/16 with a shutter speed of 1.5 seconds, my ISO was set at 100 as well, I like the almost silver look to the water and the varying paths it seems to be leading. Thanks for taking a look. Btw compression is killing this one a little bit, because is sizing down the horizontal side.



14 thoughts on ““Clifty Creek Abstract”

  1. montucky

    Very nice, Bernie! You do water so very well! I also greatly appreciate your description of how you shot it.

  2. aullori

    I have to admit I’m rather enamored with the silver effects in the falls as well. That is beautiful. I’d tell you why I’m so thrilled that you shared your specs with us (but it’s a long story that simply sums down to me not taking notes when I got the “perfect” shot.) Thank you!!! It is so nice to see someone who loves nature photograph it.

  3. ankush

    wow, i love it. very nice work on the exposure – the highlight areas are not blown out and the darker areas have detail as well. very nicely down Bernie!

  4. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks again for the comments hope you are all doing well, I am really trying to be more attentive to my techs when I get an image, usually I just shoot and move on. I will really try to post my work flow and what I am trying to accomplish if you think it would be helpful.


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