Monthly Archives: August 2007

“Mums the Word”

Today was the day to get things done, mow the lawn, pay bills, change the oil, and print pictures but instead I bought some mums for the porch fixed a drink and shot a few images. Just don’t tell my wife remember, mums the word, boy was that corny or what.



“At What Price Art”

I have always wandered at what price an artists believes can be put on his or her art, to sale to clients or collectors, and what does it take to get you noticed by the ones who are aiding in this endeavor. The reason I ask is when I was in Florida I went to Clyde Butchers Gallery in the Everglades and visited other galleries in Key West, don’t get me wrong some of the art I witnessed was truly amazing, but the price tag on some of the work was incredible.

In Clyde Butchers shop alone I saw large prints upwards to 9,000.00 dollars and other images slightly below these prices, his work is truly fantastic and maybe I am a little jealous, but what constitutes pricing like this. Is this one of those whatever the market will give, and what formula would you use to come up with that price tag? And it was just the same in Key West, even though I didn’t witness any single price as high as I did at Butchers, still many works were incredible high priced.

How exclusive is this club when it comes to art, and do you have to sell your soul or know somebody in the business to get a break, or maybe just go out and make your own breaks and someday reap the same benefits some of these artist have been. And then again maybe that is what the market will bare and I might just be whining a little bit. I am just a little curious as to what you all have to say, because to be quite honest, I have seen a few artist in the blogging world thru this site that I think are able to produce the same type of quality of work as I saw in some of the high priced galleries on my trip.


“Blue Ridge Mountains”

Shot last spring from the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, I captured this image right after a thunderstorm around sunset, the storm left an already blue mountain scene take on a even bluer tone. I really love the layering ridge views in these mountains and the mystical look they convey when viewing them, I haven’t captured many images from these mountains in the last few years that I have been happy with, but this one is not bad.

I think we may try to swing down into that area this fall, if they get any rain, it has been pretty dry down there as of late. I am starting to really tire of summer and I am ready for fall, I think I will start to post some fall images and maybe that will help to usher summer out and bring fall on a little quicker(Right!!)


“Will The Real Sloppy Joe’s Please Stand Up”

I don’t know too much about Hemingway’s history or his hangouts, but I did find a slight difference in opinion on the streets of Key West, I have two different “Original” Sloppy Joe’s in my files and I was just wandering if someone could clear this up for me?

Sloppy Joe’s number 1


                                                                             Sloppy Joe’s number 2