“Classic Columbine”

Spring shot of a wild columbine, I like the sweeping curves of the stems and the placement of the secondary bud, it’s hard to find them set up this nice ( at least for me). I was using a 80-400 lens shot at around 300, which gave me real good separation from the bg, also shot at about f/8 with 1/50 sec ss. I think columbines are my favorite wildflowers to shoot, if it is the least bit windy you are sunk, but if conditions are right they can be a joy to capture. Thanks for taking a look.



10 thoughts on ““Classic Columbine”

  1. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, I love a good green background–there’s something rich and soothing about it. This Columbine image is dainty – another stunning image that I’ve come to expect from a visit to your site. (By the way, I’ve added you to my “Favorite Photoblogs” list at Photo Buffet.)

  2. ankush

    i agree about the placement of the secondary bud, i also like the softness of the background, nice colors. what was your approximate distance from the subject?

  3. aullori

    Not only do I love it I’m completely envious! Of the shot as well as finding one (rumor has it they are in these parts but so far I have yet to see one 😦 Yeah okay I’m pouting…) Meanwhile, this is such a soft and breathtaking shot – and how perfect could a subject be? I love the second blossom in the photo as much as the first. It almost lets the viewer know how the plant blooms. Lovely.

  4. Mike Moats

    Hey Bernie, I have a small patch of Columbine in a woods where I shoot but its always to windy when I’m there. It doesn’t take much wind to move these delicate flowers. Great shot here.


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