“Coneflower Sunrise”

I took this image a couple weeks ago, tried to capture the early morning light as the sun rose over the hills of Southern Indiana, it was a very good morning I was able to capture multiple images of the coneflowers in my back yard.  I shot this one at f/4.5 and the ss was set at 1/100- ISO at 160, conflowers tend to me at least, to be one of the easiest flowers to shoot. The have great color and structure, they stand pretty tall so your not on the ground, and the bloom tends to last a long time in very nice condition.

So if your in the mood to get a good flower image, try out coneflowers they grow everywhere and are easy subjects to work, thanks for taking a look.



14 thoughts on ““Coneflower Sunrise”

  1. Brian

    I have a question. When you shoot in macro, how do you decide on the focal point? Do you take several pictures with different angles?

  2. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Brian I start off just picking different focal points, bring them home to the computer and pick the ones that are most favorable to the jury, my wife and son. Seriously, I try to get as many points as possible and pick the one that draws my eye thru the image best. Thanks for taking a look.

  3. aullori

    The colors you pull out of a blossom is really quite amazing. This one actually pulls your eyes away from where it seems normal to look and gently takes them to top of the picture. (It’s the lines of the petals that pull my eyes up and it stops at the focal point.) It’s a little like watching the worlds most colorful waterfall. :o) Thank you for sharing this.


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