“Bridge to Nowhere”

Since the bridge accident has been in the news this week, just thought I would post another picture of the Madison Milton Bridge, that spans the Ohio River here in Madison. Even before the tragedy in Minnesota, this bridge has been on some sort of death watch, it has a rating of 40.10 which I believe is totally unacceptable and will be 80 years old next year. A group of sixth graders in our local school system did a research project on this bridge proving how unsafe this structure is, causing a stir in Frankfort Kentucky who is ultimately responsible for the bridge.

This is the only crossing of the river in our area and it has a high volume of traffic, if you have ever traveled over this bridge you know the sick feeling you get as you travel the span, you can actually feel the sway of the bridge as semi’s fly past you. Authorities promise us it’s safe and not to worry, but as a local resident I have a terrible feeling someday we will be all over the news. Hopefully it will hold up for another 10-12 years, thats the time they say it could be before construction is started and finished on such a project

I hope the accident in Minnesota is a one time ordeal, I believe it’s the only bridge to just collapse under it’s own weight since 1994, but if you live in the Ohio Valley and know of our little bridge I think you would be as nervous as we are over the prospects of a collapse. Thanks for stopping and listening.




18 thoughts on ““Bridge to Nowhere”

  1. montucky

    That really is an old bridge! There are a few like it around here, but they are on the railroads. Still scary though. I love that shot of it, by the way.

  2. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Shoshi, you ought to drive over it in the fog or a thunderstorm.

    Thanks Terry, It is an adventure crossing it.

  3. Shoshi

    My pleasure. I think in inclement weather is precisely when I’d avoid it, but I might not pass up the chance to film the event from solid ground.

  4. Richard

    Whoa, that is a great image. Almost like the Golden Gate with all that fog. What scares me most about that bridge is the narrow two-lane highway since I’m claustrophobic.

  5. Richard

    I guess word press didn’t like my first comment. Awesome shot, haven’t seen the bridge quite like this. almost like the Golden Gate. Yeah that bridge crossing is quite scary since it is very narrow.

  6. paintingartist

    Awesome use of dramatic tone and atmosphere. Brings back memories. Reminds me of riding in downtown Chattanooga as a child when pollution was so bad that you could not see across Market Street Bridge at times. Also, before I quit surveying we worked on some of the design for a new bridge to take the place of an old one as it was in total disarray. Some of the railing was gone and I believe people had walked off of it. Scary.

  7. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, this is an ominous image, and I can understand your thoughts about the bridge. I heard a special report that claims 3% of Minnesota’s bridges are in dire need of repair, but it added that Minnesota’s percentage is far less than many states. I think states are scrambling to assure the public that all is well, but time will tell.

    By the way, this photo is a great mood shot, in spite of the subject of discussion. Foggy images always have an extra dimension, don’t you think?

  8. aullori

    In light of my comments on your work called JFD Lanier Mansion – okay, what I’m getting here is you really know how to use black and white to your advantage. You are a gifted man. (I’ve rarely seen this I think most good b&w photos are really an accident aren’t they?) However, you seem like a bit of an illusionist. You must have done this in a past life I think. 🙂

    You did everything I said you didn’t do in your last b&w photo and created a really spooky and intimidating image. Bravo!

    It goes without saying that I hope they work on the bridge because by the look on your photo that bad-dog does not look like it will go down pretty.

  9. Lori

    I’m not sure I could cross this bridge – it looks pretty scary. It probably looks a lot less ominous on a sunny day, but still….!

    I have a friend in MN who traveled that bridge that collapse many times. Spooky.

  10. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments guys, the more I play around with the b&w imaging the more I find out I enjoy it.

    Joe are you from here, I think I have seen your site as being from around home.

  11. conchlife

    Having been to Milton, KY. This truly is a bridge to nowhere! Bernie is not exaggerating when he bemoans this bridge. Belive it or not, we had to cross this 1929 dinsoaur as part of our driver’s education course. I guess the motto was: If you live, you pass. Nice picture captures the aura of the bridge very well.

  12. forestrat

    My father traveled randomly for several years throughout the west during the 40’s since he was 4F. He said that there were some train trestles over canyons where they would stop the train while one engineer got out and walked across the bridge. Then everybody would get off and they would send the train over by itself. If the train made it to the other side, the engineer would jump on, stop the train, and then everyone would walk over and get back on.

    Anyhoo, I really like this photo. MDW

  13. Kathy

    Awesome picture
    of the Madison-Milton Bridge, seeing it like that makes me even more leery of driving over it. certainly have to check out more of your photography now!


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