” 1200 Miles a Case of Wine and 10 Gigs”

Thats how far I am driving, thats how much I am drinking, and hopefully thats how much space I am going to need to get all those great sunset images. I am just kidding kinda, I am driving 1200 miles to Key West and I am taking a case of home made wine, but thats a gift and I am hoping to fill 10 gigs of space on my cards.

I am leaving in the morning as soon as my house and dog sitter get here, and driving to see family and friends. I am on a journey for a sunset, I have been there a couple of times and I have gotten one sunset image that was halfway decent( the one posted below) the rest of the time either weather, exposure or stupidity related issues have screwed me up. So this time it has become a challenge, do or die, I will not come home without several shots to add to my portfolio and if I don’t make good on my word….Hell I will just stay until I do get one, wouldn’t that be nice.

All kidding aside it should be a wonderful vacation with a lot of interesting subjects to photograph, from the beautiful landscape and sunset scenes to the floral and maybe a avian shot. And last but not least the city of Key West itself a world on too it’s very own, so the trip should be a blast and I do believe I am going to have access to a computer so maybe I can slip a update or two in while I am there. So hopefully It will be a safe trip and I will tell you how it went in about ten days, take care.



16 thoughts on “” 1200 Miles a Case of Wine and 10 Gigs”

  1. paintingartist

    Amazingly beautiful shot Bernie and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with in Key West. There is a Burger King down there that has the best drink I’ve ever had anywhere so as you pass it stop in for a sip. It is some kind of tropical mixture. I told my friends I didn’t want one but they got me one anyways. I’m sure glad they did. Have fun and be careful. If you are going down I 75 you’ll be passing me right south of Chattanooga, Tennessee on the Georgia border.

  2. conchlife

    Acess to a computer? All we have down here is the Coconut Telegraph. Two Coconuts and a string. A very nice sunset shot. Let’s see if we can’t find you some more. Ever set up the tripod on the bow of a flats boat? This time next week, you can answer that “Yes”.

  3. aullori

    Hi Bernie – I hope you enjoy your trip. This is a beautiful image. (p.s. any friend who gives you “traveling wine” is a friend worth keeping I’d say. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get so many images you fill up your hard-drive! I personally can’t wait to view them myself.

  4. ankush

    very nicely done sunset photo Bernie. be safe, have fun, and fill up those 10 gigs. looking forward to hear of your adventures and see your photos from the trip.

  5. Lori

    This is an incredible shot. There are so many beautiful places to photograph sunsets. But I have to say, none are as lovely (to me, of course!) as those seen from my own backyard.

    Have a safe trip. I know you’ll come back with some amazing shots.

  6. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, if you can outshine this orange-red sunset, you’ll have done well. This is spectacular! Have a safe, fun trip. Can’t wait to see part of those 10G worth of images.

  7. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Peggy thanks for taking a look and the nice comments, you need to saddle up and drive south, winter will be here soon and that would be a nice place to be in January.


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