“Thunderstorm Key”

Just returned home from a wonderful trip to the Florida Keys, the weather wasn’t very cooperative and I wasn’t able to get the images I was after, but I did get a few that I liked and will share them with you the next couple of days. I just wanted to first thank Steve and Sharon Williams for showing us a great time and being such gracious hosts, I think a return visit in the winter is in order, and this time maybe I won’t stay up so late so I can go out and get a few shots in the mornings.

This was  shot from Big Pine Key of a thunderstorm sliding thru the keys, I shot it from a bridge connecting The Key Deer Preserve to Big Pine Key. I thought this would be a perfect subject for a B&W conversion, and I wasn’t disappointed, I thought it came out well and it’s really cool blown up 13×19.



21 thoughts on ““Thunderstorm Key”

  1. aullori

    personally I had to take a double take on this shot (of course is there a higher compliment to a photographer than? Wow… I have to look at that again?) The sky looks painted – it looks so wrong – with the backdrop of the buildings, which seems so detailed.. and of course that’s exactly what makes it so fascinating. It shows an action in the sky that almost seems so distant from the buildings. Wow… in a way (not to get too hippie here) but it’s almost like saying something about nature and mankind. How nature is working and powerful and we think we are just untouchable don’t we? (It also honestly shows who wins. 🙂 Just my take – anyhoo… Conclusion? This is honestly, one of the most powerful photos I’ve ever seen.

  2. conchlife

    Deja Vu of an image: as if I were there when the photo was taken. Shot came out incredibly well. We were thrilled to have you down. The door is always open. Since you missed out on the sunsets, I thought I would post one of my crappy ones that I can’t get downsized. See you again soon. Again, thank you for the grape juice!

  3. tukikage

    Beginning, you, the splendid picture, you showed. Thank you. I am the Japanese. You have lived in Japan.

  4. Mark

    As an avid fan of storms, this really portrays the powerful skies they can create. The keys are a perfect place for stuff like this – typically a 360 degree array of choices!

    It is also a nice contrast to see a sky so menacing but the water so calm.

  5. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments guys, just wanted to thank my brother-in-law again for letting us stay and showing us a great time.

    I appreciate all the comments about the comparison to Butcher, but I can assure you I am no Clyde Butcher, I was able to visit his gallery in the Big Cypress swamp and his work is pretty amazing. But the prices …WOW, I would sure like to get the prices he is asking for his work. I was just wondering how many pieces he sells at those prices, I tried to talk with girl about this at the gallery and you would have thought I was asking for his social security number.

    Oh well thanks again for stopping by and I will post some more later.

  6. ankush

    hey welcome back Bernie, good to hear about your trip. this is an awesome photo. the clouds are beautiful, and definitely very nice conversion.

  7. Lori

    Welcome home, Bernie. I’ve been in the midst of ‘back to school’ so haven’t visited as much as I’d like – thus I’m behind on my reading.

    This is an amazing photograph. The sky looks surreal and I love it in black and white. I hope your trip was restful and a respite from the daily ins and outs of daily chaos!


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