“B&W Beach”

Shot this Mangrove Tree along a isolated stretch of beach in Long Key State Park, the bright sand and deep blue skies made it a natural for a conversion.



19 thoughts on ““B&W Beach”

  1. laway2007

    Lovely photo! I can almost feel the water lapping over my toes. The image brings back memories of south Florida and the familiar aromas of the coast. Thanks!

  2. rebphotog

    Wow, a great shot to be sure. I guess it took you all of 2 seconds to figure it was me huh? It’s midnight and i’m still trying to nail down the details of the new body & lenses. talk at u later!

  3. rebphotog

    hey bern, check out rob galbraith’s web site for the specs. short of it 2 bodies d300 12.4 d3 12.0 full frame with 2 card slots in the camera wired for 300 speed cards, thats awesome! d300 $1800/d3 $5k. also 5 new lenses! later!

  4. aullori

    This is a really cool photo – once again I had to take a look step back and then look again. Prolly it’s old age creeping into my mind. 🙂 What I find fascinating is how clear these shots are .. this also makes for a really cool conversion as well. This shot pretty much says to me “isolation” and “timelessness.” Once again Bernie – wow!

  5. paintingartist

    Awesome Bernie.

    I love how you placed the tree barely off center to the left. Love your black and white points as well. Clouds are dreamy. I think that is what Key West is for anyways, dreaming.

  6. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, this is one of those b/w’s that take your breath away. The contrast is amazing, and I can imagine what that sky looked like in color. You know, a good photographer recognizes (as you did) which images would look great converted to black and white. This one is perfect for it. Wow.

  7. Cindy (Greer) Brooks

    HI! I came upon this site by trying to look up a friend from my teen years. I know a guy named Terry Kasper from Madison. I believe he is about 42 yrs old. His mother’s name is Sherry and she married my neighbor Jim Ponsler, I think his brothers names were Chuck and Tim. Anyway , was just curious about how he was doing. Hopefully o.k. Last I new he was in the Army? or some other branch of the service.

    Oh, and I think your pictures all great!
    Sincerely, Cindy Brooks


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