“Eat It Raw”

I am sorry but I couldn’t resist,  Key West has so many “colorful” signs I thought that I might post one or two in the next few days. This is one place I didn’t stop to eat, but the next time I might just give it a try.



14 thoughts on ““Eat It Raw”

  1. rebphotog

    nice sign! you never know where you will find art. it reminds me of WWII bomber nose art. I don’t know if i would eat there though!

  2. rtd13

    Oh, Bernie. One of my favorite places on earth. Liked it even better before they rebuit the area up. I can taste the clams on the half shell Ron.

  3. conchlife

    This restaurant is actually part of a local conglomerate. I believe the same people own Turtle Kraals and the A&B Lobster House in Key West. Still a fun place to pass some time on your own in Key West.

  4. aullori

    Hi Bernie – I’m glad you tackled this out.. isn’t marketing pretty captivating too? real life’s version of pop art. nice. This seems like a really difficult shot. I wonder if there is a rule book somewhere that tells you how to take a photo of a sign?


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