“Sunset Cruise”

Shot from Mallory Square in Key West Florida,  a boat silently glides into the sunset to destinations unknown,  a peaceful ending to a wonderful day in the Keys.

Sunset Cruise 1


23 thoughts on ““Sunset Cruise”

  1. Richard

    The reverse godbeams are really cool. I’ve seen the term for that effect on a cloud website but forgot what it is called. This definetely seems like a relaxing way to end the day though I bet it was still humid at this hour.

  2. maryclement

    Hi Bernie,
    Thanks for the beautiful photo!! I love Key West and the beauty it supplies everyday. I live in Charleston, SC and love this area, but would choose Key West as my second choice of living. Perhaps I can sell enough real estate here to move there some day.

    Thanks again,
    Mary Clement

  3. Lori

    Wow…this is lovely. I wonder if anyone on the boat had a camera, or if it’s a view they see often and don’t think much about it. Sometimes, like my mother says, you just have to take a picture in your mind. Often those are the most profound and lasting.

  4. rohojamagic

    Hi Bernie. A fantastic photo …. brings a tear to my eye, I love Florida but unfortunately dont get to go there very often. I am from the UK and only visit once every couple of years. You should try posting some of your shots on istockphoto.com they look very saleable. I have a link to the site on my blog http://www.screenplayfreedom@wordpress.com
    Good luck with the photos.

  5. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for all the comments, I didn’t get a real blazing sunset like I was after, but I got enough and it was a great time as well. And I will be back down there again this winter.

  6. ankush

    wow, this is beautiful Bernie. very nicely captured. love the colors and the placement of the boat. did you do anything special to get the streaks of light in the sky?

  7. conchlife

    Your blog is starting to take the shape of a Jimmy buffett Song in the making, bars, boats and butterflies! You do them all well. I would tell you about the increedibly dark orange sunset last night, but hat would not be nice. I was in Key Weird early this morning and got up in time to see a portion of the eclipse over the ocean. Pretty cool. You know you have talent when you make the water taxi look good.

  8. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Ankush, this is pretty much what I saw, these beams stretched out over the thunderhead and across the sky to almost above me. I guess that happens a lot down there. I did do a curves adjustment to help bring them out more.


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