“Mums the Word”

Today was the day to get things done, mow the lawn, pay bills, change the oil, and print pictures but instead I bought some mums for the porch fixed a drink and shot a few images. Just don’t tell my wife remember, mums the word, boy was that corny or what.



16 thoughts on ““Mums the Word”

  1. montucky

    Great color, Bernie! I’m not going to let my wife see this: last week the deer ate all of her mums… every one!

  2. aullori

    see… Bernie I had this gut instinct that you were going to toss off another one of those perfect images – I just knew it was going to happen today. Slam me in the head with a perspective that was so clear and so amazingly honest about nature that’d I’d sit back stunned, angry and in almost awe of the creator. Okay okay… is the key the drink you were mixing?? because every photo you seem to take (you know what I’m saying the really great ones) shows me that I just have not seen this world I live in at all. In the words of Charlie Brown “ugggggggg!” and oh yeah, and thank you. It is perfect.

  3. Richard

    Yeah drinks will definetely take the edge off. When I was a musician, sometimes I’d have a drink or two before performing just to ease the anxiety. I actually thought I played better during those times.

  4. Lori

    I bet your wife forgives you when she sees these beautiful flowers on the porch. These last two shots you have posted are amazing – truly beautiful. You should enlarge and frame them to take inside during the long winter months.

  5. paintingartist

    Bernie, I couldn’t imagine how anyone could make this photo any better. The depth and perspective are as good as it gets.

    If it is possible your eye seems to get better and better. Amazing.

    You have a great sense of where the precipice is for going too far and know when to stop. There is plenty of saturation but not too much. Great shot.

  6. Peggy

    This is an absolute beautiful picture. A great photographer is a great artist in that he or she sees something that others do not see. They can get the best angle or lighting to take a shot. This is truly breathtaking.


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