Monthly Archives: September 2007

“Madison Chautauqua of the Arts”

The weekend of September 26-27 is the big weekend for our community, the 39th annual Madison Chautauqua of the Arts, will be held in the Historic downtown district in Madison Indiana. There will be over 270 artists displaying their fine work all around the J.F.D. Lanier Mansion also there will be food courts, musicians and street entertainers in attendance as well.

If you don’t have much going on why don’t you drive to Madison and take a look around you just might find some beautiful art to purchase or just take a stroll thru our lovely little town, yoenjoyable you just might make a return visit.



“Tremont Gold”

Have been gone all weekend to see family and celebrate my wifes birthday(won’t divulge age for fear of retribution) but I am dying for some fall color. So I thought I might post a shot from the Tremont section of the Smokies from last fall to try and get a fix for some color.

This was a pretty good day in the park I had searched all day for color and it was pretty sparse but when I came upon this section of the park it made it worth my time and effort. The afternoon light was shining down thru the yellow maple leaves and giving off this golden hue, hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.


“Coneflower Art”

I shot this coneflower extremely shallow, just trying to emphasize the colors and bring enough form to give you an idea what the flower is, once again my favorite way to shoot flowers. This one was actually shot outside and not inside my basement, it has been so dry this summer most the flowers never really looked good so I have been making a few trips to the local florist hoping to get a few good subjects.

Shot at f/2.8, 1/60 second at iso 160. I also added a very slight surface blur to this because it had some age spots on it and I was too lazy to clone them out 🙂


“The Three Amigos”

Another Calla Lily shot that was dying for a conversion, shot this one at f9,1/4 second and iso 160, I am hoping to get a lot of miles out of these flowers. BTW all these shots were done in my multi-million dollar studio(basement) shot with my state of the art lighting system(overhead fluorescent bulb) and wonderfully hand created backdrops(sons black dinosaur t-shirt). Photography is whatever you make out of it, go shoot 🙂


“Medusa’s Petals”

Shot this funky Gerbera daisy the other day, I tried a whole subject shot of the image and wasn’t happy,  so I scaled it down to an abstract and liked the overall results.  After viewing it on the computer I thought the petals held a slight resemblance to the Mythical creature Medusa,  at least I thought so, I shot this at 2.8, 1/2 second at iso 160. Thanks for taking a look.


“Calla Lily”

Bought a Calla Lily the other day and got a few shots out of it, just looking for a little feedback on this one, I shot this one as more of abstract instead of the whole flower any thoughts or suggestions? I am not sure what I think of this one, I have never had much luck shooting Calla Lilies, do this work as a B&W and how does the comp look in it as well. Thanks for taking a look.


“Dream Trip”

I thought I would throw out another question to you…If you could go anywhere in the world for one year without any interruption from family, friend or work (of course this is all hypothetical) to photograph, paint, write or any other craft you which to pursue, where would it lead you.

Would you take your camera to the wilds of Africa or Alaska, maybe you would take your brushes to Italy or your pen to Paris, and it doesn’t have to be an artistic endeavor as well. Maybe you like to go backpacking in Tibet, rock climbing in the Andes or take a kayak down the Amazon. Or maybe you just want a year off to read a book or two on some far off tropical beach, I know every one has wanted a trip like this once in their life, so tell me what you think and I will give you my fantasy trip later.

And by no means do I mean this in any derogatory way towards my wife and son, I love them more than anything on this earth and she knows I am just looking for something to blog about. Plus I also know she will probably read this at work tomorrow.