“Dawn of the Daisy” All time favorite Horror Movies

I don’t think this is what George Romero had in mind… if you’re wondering, this is a spoof on the early cult slasher-cannibal movie “Dawn of the Dead”…I know, another cheesy attempt at humor that goes horribly wrong, but I am bored and need something to blog about.

I have a serious obsession with old horror movies and with the release of the new “Halloween” movie (which I haven’t seen yet) I was just wondering what your favorite all time horror classic is. My favorites are “Silence of the Lambs” followed by the original “Halloween”.

My wife thinks I’m a psycho-path for watching these types of shows, but it’s the only bad vice I’ve got left!

P.S. I’m signing off now to go watch a movie with my family…something a little more appropriate for the entire family…”Addams Family Values”. Uncle Fester is about as scary as my wife can handle.



21 thoughts on ““Dawn of the Daisy” All time favorite Horror Movies

  1. rtd13

    Ok Bernie, I’ll play. I’ll see your Halloween and Silence of the Lambs and raise you with Phantasm and Burnt Offereings, one of Bette Davis’s last films (with Karen Black and Oliver Reed.)

    And if you really think about it, Uncle Fester with a lightbulb in his mouth, is pretty scary. Ron.

    P.S. Check your email.

  2. Mike Moats

    Hey Bernie, I remember back in 1973 when “The Exorcist” came out it drew huge crowds to the theaters and was all over the TV news. Even if you didn’t like horror movies you had to go see it from all the hype that was going on about it. Its not the goryest horror flick I’ve seen but the consept is one of my favs.

  3. Adam R. Paul

    What a lovely daisy close-up!

    My gf won’t watch horror movies, so I rarely see them myself, but my favorites are the not-super-gory suspenseful ones: “Psycho,” “The Shining” (which gave me nightmares when I saw it as a youngster), “Silence of the Lambs,” and the like. In the gory category, “Hellraiser” has to be my favorite. Oh, and of course, “the Omen.” In the corny category, I agree about “Phantasm” and would add “I Spit On Your Grave.” And “Army of Darkness” deserves a mention.

  4. Photo Buffet

    Ok…this will date me. “Carrie” was a scary one way back when. I had my purse on my lap and at it flew forward in one scene and hit the person in front of me in the back of the head.

    Pretty floral, Bernie!

  5. aullori

    That is an amazing shot! Beautiful. Don’t ya wish the whole world looked just like that? Horror movies; ahh you’ve graced upon a horror movie connoisseur. I’m going to agree with you that Silence of the Lambs is without question the king. I loved The Shining and the documentary “Faces of Death.” (The original there are a lot of copycats – the station wagon guy vs. the grizzly bear was the funniest and worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I go into hysterics just thinking of it.) And if I make an attempt to explain that scene to anyone I cannot get through it I’m laughing and crying so hard.

  6. Richard

    I’m a sissy and just cover my eyes the whole movie even at the theater for a movie like Scream. I used to rent the Friday the 13th videos just to see naked chicks and fast forward the rest lol. I’ve seen the Halloween movies as well. I think the series I actually liked was Poltergeist, that was crazy freaky!

  7. truddle

    Bernie I love this picture! I have to ask… is this flower growing in your yard, or did you go out and buy it – not a bug bite to be seen!

    As for movies… the last scary one I seen was “The Exorcist” mentioned above by Mike. I was 16 when I seen that movie – even to this day just thinking about it creeps me out. Now the closest I get to a scary movie is when we put on the ‘Halloween Walk’ for the big Halloween party we do.

  8. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Thanks for stopping by all,

    Richard… Thats sick… but I used to do the same thing!!

    Truddle… actually it came from my neighbors yard, I jumped the fence right when it was opening, cut it, put it in a vase in the house and started shooting. So I guess it could be both.

  9. Mark

    I am a bit of a horror fan myself Bernie. I have seen some pretty disturbing films also – even for me. I do wonder about the psychology behind my attraction to these types of flicks – my wife thinks I am nuts and often expresses the same concerns! I have to admit I haven’t seen the relation to some of my flower images though. 🙂

  10. Bernie Kasper Post author

    There is actually no connection between my flower image and horror movies, it’s just my wife was in the room with me complaining about my like for horror flicks, so I pulled out the daisy image and asked if this would help if I posted this image with the question. She said no, but it got her out of the room! Hope she doesn’t read this…Thanks for stopping by Mark.

  11. dean


    Just wondering if you have considered using a mobile phone camera to capture images. I have been experimenting with images and film and the results are very interesting. I suggest you give it a go if yu haven’t already.


  12. Joshua

    Hi Bernie,

    I really like this flower. It reminds me of the skunk in my all-time scariest horror movie. That movie was Bambi. That deer with those spots and big eyelashes scared the !$&% out of me! And when he tried to act like he couldn’t walk on the ice…you knew he was drawing you in…just before he attacked. Looking forward to seeing your photos on display in downtown Madison.


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