“Dream Trip”

I thought I would throw out another question to you…If you could go anywhere in the world for one year without any interruption from family, friend or work (of course this is all hypothetical) to photograph, paint, write or any other craft you which to pursue, where would it lead you.

Would you take your camera to the wilds of Africa or Alaska, maybe you would take your brushes to Italy or your pen to Paris, and it doesn’t have to be an artistic endeavor as well. Maybe you like to go backpacking in Tibet, rock climbing in the Andes or take a kayak down the Amazon. Or maybe you just want a year off to read a book or two on some far off tropical beach, I know every one has wanted a trip like this once in their life, so tell me what you think and I will give you my fantasy trip later.

And by no means do I mean this in any derogatory way towards my wife and son, I love them more than anything on this earth and she knows I am just looking for something to blog about. Plus I also know she will probably read this at work tomorrow.



24 thoughts on ““Dream Trip”

  1. Minna

    New Zealand came first to mind… but I think I’d be really happy to stay closer to home and explore the Swedish mountain range, especially during the wildflower season!

  2. conchlife

    This assumes that where we currently live live is not already paradise. For the sake of hypothetical argument and marital discord, I think a year in Patagonia in Argentina could occupy a soul for a year. From the bottom of civilization at Tierra Del Fuego to the bird hunting and world class fly fishing inland, I think the region could hold my attention. If only it had golf courses, then maybe we would already be there. Perhaps our spouses would not agree, just perhaps.

  3. HeyJules

    Just ONE place? Are you kidding me? I’ve always wanted to get in an RV at one end of America and work my way all the way to the other side, taking in all the parks, wildlife, flowers, valleys, beaches, local townspeople, seasons… Give me Charles Kuralt’s old job and I would be a kid in a candy store, that’s for sure.

  4. truddle

    Beautiful picture Bernie!

    First up – my dream trip would include Jamie, after all I would need a ‘caddy’ to haul around all my lenses!

    I have thought of the ‘Where I would go’ question a lot, so this is not a off the top of my head answer. I would take a year long trip across Canada, from one end to the other… hitting up the little towns along the way, spending as much time in each location as I felt the need at the time. Not only would I go for the pictures, but for the stories behind them.

  5. Photo Buffet

    My dream trip would be simple. Just find me a cabin with the bare necessities (a coffeepot, bed, and shower) and give me books, notebooks, pens, and a CD player with a few good CDs. I’d also want a view of a lake or stream, but no tourists.

  6. mon@rch

    Without a doubt . . . . with the fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about money, job, family, feeding the cats, etc . . . . Their is no other place in this world that I would rather be than where I am now in Western New York! Many of those other places everyone talks about going are places that I would only want to visit for a short time! So many vacations involve me waiting to get back home to see what I had been missing. But with that said, the rain forest would be nice and checking out the glaciers before melting would be great!

  7. rebphotog

    I would concentrate on the parks in Utah and on the West Coast. Nice stream shot. I love the red flowers and reflected light in the pool. I guess a year in the Guard in Iraq doesn’t count though does it? I’m going to try to get a pic posted here shortly. Wish me luck!

  8. montucky

    What an outstanding photo!

    During the temperate portion of the one year I would hike the complete length of Montana’s Bitteroot Mountains. That being impossible during the winter months, I would spend those months in the high country of Arizona.

  9. aullori

    You question seems to lure us from the real question… how ya like my photo? This is amazing. You really do manage to do something with the whole concept of falling water that others mismanage (okay this includes me) however this is an amazing shot Bernie. Beautiful work! – all travel plans aside.

  10. Richard

    If I had someone to share my life with then I’d probably choose to stay near home for a year and do nothing except enjoy each other’s company. Since that is only a fantasy at the moment, I’d probably elect to spend a year on the road in this country getting to know our country’s culture better because after living in Kentucky last year where I was so out of my element, I realized there is so much more to learn about people and vice versa. I have met people before who have never even seen an asian before believe it or not.

  11. cruxphoto

    I think I’ll second New Zealand. I would want some place with a wide variety of geography. My second choice would be Italy. To travel from the southern tip up into the Alps, stopping in all the amazing cities on the way would be fantastic.

  12. kml

    There are way too many beautiful places on this planet to pick from – I want to see it all! Thank goodness for the internet and all the beautiful photos that everyone worldwide shares! I think my only request would be: no crowds of people.

  13. Mark

    Too hard to pick just one. I have always wanted to go to Namibia, Tibet, and Antarctica – but most of all, it would probably be a dive trip where I could spend a week underwater with whales.

  14. Bernie Kasper Post author

    These are some great trips folks, I would love to go on most of them as well, for me a whole year in the Smokey Mountains would be the one for me. Mountain vistas, wildlife, fall colors, waterfalls and river scenes and of course some of the best wildflower action in the world. I couldn’t ask for anything more, thanks for giving me your thoughts on this one.


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