“Calla Lily”

Bought a Calla Lily the other day and got a few shots out of it, just looking for a little feedback on this one, I shot this one as more of abstract instead of the whole flower any thoughts or suggestions? I am not sure what I think of this one, I have never had much luck shooting Calla Lilies, do this work as a B&W and how does the comp look in it as well. Thanks for taking a look.



55 thoughts on ““Calla Lily”

  1. paintingartist

    Reminds me of a sharp dressed man in a fine suit about to smoke a cigar!:)

    Very nice in black and white. I always like to see a photographer do closeups as they are very personal telling much about the way they think.

    If I changed anything I would tone down the highlight in the upper right corner just so the texture would be more in line with the rest of the photo because I like the softness you have captured.

    Awesome job!

  2. 35mm_man

    I agree with paintingartist, but it reminds me of a woman in a white dress dancing in the moonlight. Kind of a ” Casa Blanca” look and feel to it.

  3. HeyJules

    Some of my favorite photographs of my fathers are his versions of calla lilies – and this one is right up there. It definitely has a “tuxedo” feel to it but I especially love how lined it is on the bottom and how fluid it gets at the top. Very nice.

  4. truddle

    What a classy and rich looking photo! If you didn’t have luck before that has now changed, this is beautiful.

    I would love to see another shot of this Cala laying on his side.

  5. conchlife

    I am beginning to think you are a racist. All of this Black and White imagery while completely ignoring our brown Latin neighbors to the South. No sepia work at all. Seriously, this shot is awesome. I could definitely see this hanging in a Duval Street Gallery with three zeros on the price tag. I am no artist, but this just looks very elegant.

  6. ankush

    wow, this is a beautiful photo Bernie, i think it totally works in b&w, although i am also curious as to how it looks in color. i really like the ‘abstract’ nature of the photo. the curves, the veins, parallel lines, just beautiful!

  7. aullori

    I have one word; Amazing! Anything else would just produce inconsistent babbling leading to obvious intense admiration that would sound too much like idol worshipping for me to feel comfortable in Church on Sunday. This photo is so perfect it probably should have never been seen by human eyes.

  8. Photo Buffet

    Wow, Bernie. This is by far my favorite of all your work. Ask me next week and I’m sure I’ll have another. The b/w is very appealing, and those detailed lines have a formal touch. Very, very nice!

  9. aernyc

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Very abstract and modern with a soft edge. and great detail in the flowers and leaves.

    Just stumbled acrossed your blog, love the photographs!

  10. paulrg

    Just found your blog and really like the abstract work – something I’ve never got into – but might try now!
    Just one comment on the Calla Lily – sorry it’s a bit negative – the highlights look slightly blown out on the image here but if they are not I’m sure it’s an image that will sell really well at a picture agency.
    Great work and it’s inspired me to have a go!

  11. lucy

    i absolutely love this picture. as one person said, it draws attention to the lines of the lily which are very elegant.

    i’ve been looking at this wondering how to turn it into a tattoo.

  12. krobusto

    this is gorgeous! very artistic and from a fresh perspective. this is just the kind of photography i love.

  13. annika

    i love this photo!! it’s rather sexual in a way. it reminds me of a naked woman salsa dancing or moving in a sensual manner in the moonlight–purely curves and silky skin

  14. JH

    This photo of the Calla Lily is indeed very unique, not just because it is B&W, the perspective makes it very special.

    Very artistic, your photo gives me the impression that it is a vase with leaves around it !

    I like your perspective and angle on how you take beautiful flowers !

  15. Kim

    wow. I love this picture! I could sit and stare for hours. By taking away an immediate knowledge of what it was by cropping it close, you brought out the very sensual lines of the flower. It is beautiful.

  16. Elizabeth

    This is an absolutely beautiful photograph! As a graphics design major & lover of photography, this piece is breathtaking.

  17. Aaron

    Wow… I’m not one to normally comment on these. This is a beautiful shot. It gives the illusion of the dramatic curves from one of the early 20th Century Wood print artist.

  18. Mary Evelyn Coles

    I was very impressed with this photo. Its fantastic! I was so inspired I decided to paint it. I gave the final product to a friend for a gift but I would love to have your permission to do a few more pieces incorporating this calla lilly. Thank you for your visionary.

  19. Mary

    Breathtaking! And that is an understatement.

    I just happened across your site because I was curious about the fragrance/colors of a calla lily (my daughter’s favorite flower).

    Although this appears at face value to be a black and white offering, there are nuances of hues throughout. Starting with the obvious black and white, I also see silver, grey, pewter, cream, and a very pale yellow.

    It looks almost 3-D, especially so because of the fine veins that run up (down?) the bloom.

    Also, I am glad you decided not to shoot the entire flower. That would have made it “just another picture” of a calla lily.

  20. Julie York

    It looks like the ruffles of a blouse..love it. Agree with the first comment, I would tone down the highlights in the top right of the flower….great shot, great composition and balance.

  21. Hannah Joy

    I’m not much of much of a photographer at all….but I feel this picture shows true beauty of this flower…..making it black and white was a good decision becuase it helps to accent the flower’s details.

  22. Debra Bannister

    Hi Bernie,

    I am a watercolor artist from Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada. Today I was looking for inspiration to paint calla lilies and came upon your photo. I like to paint my flowers in an untypical fashion as it immediately attracts the viewer and makes them think. I believe your photo does the same thing. It also sets you apart from all the other calla lily photographers and shows you have a special eye for artistic beauty. I may even try and paint this picture at some point. If I do I will send you a picture so that you can see how you inspired me.
    Cheers Debra

  23. IZTAES

    Wow. This is stunning. Beautiful shot. I love the texture and the fluidity. Simply gorgeous. Amazing feel to this photo. Just, wow.

  24. mildrenn

    Truly exquisite, like a Georgia O’Keefe painting….taking a closer look at the curvilinear grace that’s inviting the viewer in to the rhythms of delicate sensuous enfoldment


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