“Coneflower Art”

I shot this coneflower extremely shallow, just trying to emphasize the colors and bring enough form to give you an idea what the flower is, once again my favorite way to shoot flowers. This one was actually shot outside and not inside my basement, it has been so dry this summer most the flowers never really looked good so I have been making a few trips to the local florist hoping to get a few good subjects.

Shot at f/2.8, 1/60 second at iso 160. I also added a very slight surface blur to this because it had some age spots on it and I was too lazy to clone them out 🙂



14 thoughts on ““Coneflower Art”

  1. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, I like how the eye naturally travels up those long petals to the focal point there in the center. Your macros have really evolved into something beautiful! I can imagine this matted and framed in large format, can’t you?

  2. Adam R. Paul

    Beautiful colors & form – I like the slight blur too.

    Gotta get me some lighting (which I need anyways to photograph the jewelry my girlfriend is making) and flowers and play with at-home macro photography one of these days!

  3. ankush

    The tag is to show your desktop. So now I tag Bernie of BFK Photography and Boyd of Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion both of whose photography I enjoy very much and I thank them for their continued visits and support. No pressure to participate folks but show us your screens!


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