“Tremont Gold”

Have been gone all weekend to see family and celebrate my wifes birthday(won’t divulge age for fear of retribution) but I am dying for some fall color. So I thought I might post a shot from the Tremont section of the Smokies from last fall to try and get a fix for some color.

This was a pretty good day in the park I had searched all day for color and it was pretty sparse but when I came upon this section of the park it made it worth my time and effort. The afternoon light was shining down thru the yellow maple leaves and giving off this golden hue, hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.



21 thoughts on ““Tremont Gold”

  1. Mark

    I love the Tremont area. I have yet to see the Smokies in full color like this – always seem to miss it with my times I can fit in getting down there. When was this shot Bernie?

  2. aullori

    I completely agree with Monarch – I’ve been looking forward to the change up on the mountain for the last two weeks… so far it has not changed enough. Funny… I’m looking so forward to fall but I’m not even close to being ready for winter. 🙂

  3. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Mark..I shot this the third weekend in October of last year,
    I had hiked all day looking for a little color, and had come up empty handed all week, but on the second to last day there we went up into Tremont and discovered a little run in the creek that was bursting with color.

  4. conchlife

    Your wife’s age…..hmm how far should I push that concept. Let’s just say she is older than my wife. The shot looks great and puts me in the mood for fall. The downside is I have to wait for 3 more months down here for “fall” to arrive.

  5. davidlind

    Almost looks like the woods was on fire. Nice contrast between two elements. I see where Dr. Bernie was in the house this evening seeing my patient and giving him a shot of StumbledUpon. Thanks. It seemed to help.


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