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“Fall Silhouette”

Shot this one yesterday afternoon at Clifty Falls State Park, I was walking along a trail when I looked up towards the road and got a nice view of this maple tree set against this colorful backdrop. The falls colors are still lagging behind a little here in Southern Indiana so I still may get in few days to shoot before the leaves all fall off.

We are supposed to have a couple of hard freezes here the next couple of days which should really kick the colors in, it would be great if we could get a little rain as well, but I don’t really have a say in the matter so I will just have to take advantage of whatever conditions come my way. I used my 17-55 lens shot at 17 mm to get this perspective, also it was shot at 1/4 of a second at f/14. I set my iso to 160 and the white balance was set to auto +3.

BTW…I will try to catch up on all your blogs tonight, things have been very busy around here with basketball practice and trying to shoot a few images and work as well, I haven’t been avoiding you guys I swear 🙂



“Clifty Falls”

This is an image of “Clifty Falls”  one of my favorite places to hike and photograph, not only because of the beauty of the falls and park but also because it’s in my own backyard. Sometimes we get caught up in traveling to far off locations for the shot of a life time, but I must say I have some pretty nice locations right here on my own doorstep, you just have to get off your rear hike around and sometimes the beauty of nature will appear closer than you ever thought possible.

We have had a pretty dull fall so far, luckily we have had a lot of rain the last couple of days and things are starting to look better, so this year I am going to stay relatively close to home and capture the beauty that lies all around me. Tomorrow a quick trip into Southwestern Ohio a couple hours away from here to take a look at a new place to photograph and then all next week I will work Clifty Park and the surrounding locals for fall colors.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have significantly added to my portfolio and will then be able to share my images with you. So thanks for hanging around with me on this little blogging ride I am on and have a great weekend.

BTW…My settings for this image were f/16 at 14 seconds, my iso was set at 200 my white balance was set at cloudy +3 and I shot this one with my 17-55 Nikon lens at 23 mm. I also use the Nikon D200.


“Sycamore Leaf Art”

I shot this one two days ago before the really heavy rains set in, we are now over 6 inches of rain the last two days, I shot this one in a little creek bed that had just a skiff of water in it…now there is about six feet of water in there.

This sycamore leaf was floating in about 3 inches of water and was partially submerged when I shot this, I got the idea from Mike Moats who is a master of this type of image, I shot it with my white balance on fluorescent to give it the cool blue look it has. My settings were f/16 at 1/6 of a second and my iso was set at 200. Hopefully the next couple days I will be able to get out and shoot some waterfall and creek shots since the creeks are finally filling up again.

BTW If you want to see more of Mike’s work you can go here….


“Dahlia Abstract”

Shot this dahlia a while back…. Thought I might share it with you now, this is one of my favorite photos, I blew 2 of these up to 13×19 and flipped them so that they made a mirror image of each other matted and framed them and hung them opposite of each other in a friends house and they came out great.

I shot this at f/2.8 at 1/3 of a second at iso 100. I then converted to B&W and added a cooling filter to get this effect, hope you enjoy it.


“B&W Leaf Art”

Another leaf shot….This time because this leaf was dried out and lacked any saturated color, I converted it to B&W, I also turned the leaf on to it’s lighter side to make the effect even more desaturated,.I tried to emphasize form and shadow with this one to convey a darker mood, if you can give a leaf mood, just trying to think out of the box a little bit and try something different.

I shot this one at f/18 with a 30 second ss, at iso 160.


“Beautiful Bluebells”

Another shot from early spring….Virginia Bluebells these have to be one of my favorite wildflowers, I love the color in these and how they seem to bow to the natural world, I shot these in Clifty Falls State Park outside of my hometown of Madison Indiana.

I shot these at f/16, ss1 second at iso 160, there was little wind that day so I could get away with a slow shutter speed, I always use a tripod and a diffuser to control the light. Just thought I would share these with you till I get my leaf files in order.



“Leaf Art”

I am sorry about the last post somehow the whole thing just disappeared and I couldn’t get it back. But on to what I was saying about the fall colors and shooting something different this year, I am going to try to shoot different images this year especially leafs, with more profile and abstract shots starting with this one.

I am not even sure of the type of leaf this is but I do like the mosaic look to this image, and the bronze and gold coloring, I shot this one at f/18, ss was 6 seconds at iso 160.