“White Water Falls”

Shot these falls last summer in North Carolina, they are located right on the border with South Carolina, it was very humid and bright when I shot this so the exposure was a pain to get. But after bracketing a ton of shots this one turned out all right, I shot it from a platform high above the falls, the lens I used was a 24-85 and I don’t think I ever got the perspective I was after. I shot this at f/25, at1/4 second with an iso 100 setting.

This area of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful, I was told there are more waterfalls here than in about anywhere is in America, it is a rugged beautiful countryside that I hope to return to in the near future. The falls in this image are over 400 feet tall, one of the highest in Eastern North America, if you get a chance and you are close by I would take a couple days and explore this part of the Southern Appalachians it is definitely worth the time and effort.



15 thoughts on ““White Water Falls”

  1. montucky

    A beautiful photo of a beautiful place! I wish I had know about it when I was in that area in the mid 60’s!

  2. davidlind

    The water looks like molten metal being poured to make coins. This is a beautiful photo. This place must be about five hours from Richmond. Sounds like we ought to make the trip at some point.

  3. paintingartist

    An incredible waterfall. Very beautiful. It is amazing how many waterfalls there are. The Cherohala Skyway connects to part of it. I can’t wait to explore more of it. Nothing much compares to a waterfall.

  4. truddle

    You have managed to make time stand still with this beautiful picture! It is like the water and trees took a deep breath and are holding it, waiting for you to finish with the picture. The more I look at it the more I like it!


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