“A Walk thru White Oak Sinks”

I shot this image earlier this spring, all these beautiful wildflowers you see are wild phlox, I hiked down into a natural depression in the Smokey Mountains called White Oak sinks. It is kinda of off the beaten path, a place of unbelievable wild flower blooms where a lot of people come from all over the east to see the incredible display of wildflowers. But in my case when I arrived we had just had temperatures in the teens, snow flurries and high winds.

Most of the images I captured were blurry or the flowers had been froze out or were past peak conditions. I did manage a few images, but my timing was off again, photography can be so tough in the fact that you have to be able to catch all the conditions right or your done for the year. The last couple of years my timing has been off needless to say, hopefully the next couple will be better.

I shot this image with a 24-85 mm lens set at 24mm, my aperture was set at f/22, ss1/2 second and my iso at 100. I couldn’t blow this one up past 8×10 because the wind was blowing the blooms and the image was rather soft, but all things considered I liked it and it will stay in my files.



18 thoughts on ““A Walk thru White Oak Sinks”

  1. Bobbie

    Nice job, Bernie. The whole image holds together so well across the ‘cool’ end of the color spectrum. I love the effect at the distant end, where the phlox look like a border between the ground and all the rest above ground level.

  2. paintingartist

    Definitely a worth keeping. Very beautiful. There is a photographer in Israel that blurs photos like this for great effect. I love your placement of the trail. Looks like a great place to plein air paint.

  3. HeyJules

    You’ve caught my favorite color combination here: blue with green. The entire photo works – great DOF, great colors, quiet mood – it’s all good.

  4. Mark

    Nice use of the path Bernie. I can relate to the enlargement dilemma. Just because an image can’t be enlarged huge doesn’t mean it needs to go in the scrap pile! Looks like a gorgeous area.

  5. davidlind

    I like it too and wish I was there right now. It’s about ninety degrees here in Virginia. What happened to Autumn? Your photo expresses to me the full and healthy part of the woods. The woods I like to visit that doesn’t need to be burned down or cleaned out.

  6. aullori

    I looked this over yesterday and just like a nice sunrise I was hoping that my eyes had not deceived me and that it was as beautiful as I had originally pictured it – so I came back to the same place at the exact same moment and guess what? I was right! I love your waterfalls, your photos of your statues however, this falls into a completely new territory. I believe I just fell onto the most beautiful wildlife photo I have ever seen in my life. Okay, okay make light if you must, however, I’m sickly addicted to anything doing with art, wildlife and everything green. (Even Kermit the frogs rendition of “The Rainbow Connection.”) Okay okay I do go on. Beautiful Bernie. If ever there was a piece of inspiration that could lure someone lazy into a nice mountain hike it’s your photos. This photo is also why the really smart animals don’t live in condos. 🙂


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