“Another Visit to Happy Valley”

This is a shot from earlier this spring from one of my favorite spots in Southern Indiana, Happy Valley  a beautiful gorge that sits right below Hanover College, just outside Madison Indiana. This has to be one of the most picturesque spots in the Midwest, from just east of Madison all the way down to just above the Louisville Metro area, the hills and gorges that lead into the Ohio River are covered in massive hardwood forests.

When moisture is abundant, there are many seasonal waterfalls that cascade off the steep cliffs that line the valley, I was hoping to do an in depth shoot of the area but with the lack of rain and the early season freeze I don’t think conditions are going cooperate with me this fall. Still this is a place of incredible beauty, and many who visit are surprised by the rugged nature of this part of the state , and find it hard to believe that they are still in Indiana.

I don’t think I am going to take any fall photo trips this year, I think I am going to hang around here and hopefully get a few shots when and if the conditions present themselves to me. This year the early spring was wonderful and I was able to capture a bunch of great images in a few short days, maybe I will get lucky and it will happen again this year.



20 thoughts on ““Another Visit to Happy Valley”

  1. montucky

    That’s such a beautiful shot, Bernie. It certainly captures the essence of spring time! Soon it will be a black and white world for awhile, and that scene will be very much on my mind.

  2. Jim

    I think this is the nicest photo you’ve posted. The blues just pop, especially in the lower half of the photo. I really like how the texture of the photo changes from the top half to the bottom half. This photo is almost 3-dimensional. Great job. I hope that one day I will take a photo like this.

  3. aullori

    This is really amazing – I love those perky (tall mountain?) bluebells. I’ve never seen this kind and they are lovely. I love the thickness and green of those leaves… again you really have a knack of making me wish I was reading SK’s most current book at this location. Gorgeous. ps. seems like a side bar because your comp is always fabulous but I really think this composition is really original – if I tried this method it would fail but the lines from the trees keep the top of the photo busy enough to work perfectly. Amazing eye Bernie.

  4. Photo Buffet

    How did I miss this amazing photo? I really like how you’ve framed this, Bernie. The log separates the two areas perfectly, and what can I say about the stunning shades of green and blue? Very, very nice. One of my favorites!


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