“Leaf Art”

I am sorry about the last post somehow the whole thing just disappeared and I couldn’t get it back. But on to what I was saying about the fall colors and shooting something different this year, I am going to try to shoot different images this year especially leafs, with more profile and abstract shots starting with this one.

I am not even sure of the type of leaf this is but I do like the mosaic look to this image, and the bronze and gold coloring, I shot this one at f/18, ss was 6 seconds at iso 160.



20 thoughts on ““Leaf Art”

  1. HeyJules

    This one is beautiful and has excellent texture.

    I did get to see the other (lost) one via Bloglines and it was beautiful, too. The water was a bit distracting to me but I was totally drawn to the wave in the tail end of that leaf.

  2. Mark

    Leaves are always great subjects for study, far away or closeup. This shot shows there are so many different levels of detail to explore.

  3. dkaye

    I love this picture. Fall is my favorite time of year with the richness of color palette at the offering. The golds, bronzes, and reds in this are gorgeous – and mother nature’s mosiacs – fabulous!


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