“Beautiful Bluebells”

Another shot from early spring….Virginia Bluebells these have to be one of my favorite wildflowers, I love the color in these and how they seem to bow to the natural world, I shot these in Clifty Falls State Park outside of my hometown of Madison Indiana.

I shot these at f/16, ss1 second at iso 160, there was little wind that day so I could get away with a slow shutter speed, I always use a tripod and a diffuser to control the light. Just thought I would share these with you till I get my leaf files in order.




22 thoughts on ““Beautiful Bluebells”

  1. Robin

    This is an amazingly beautiful shot.

    I’ve seen you at Ron’s blog and been meaning to visit. I’m glad I finally found the time to stop by (and will now be a regular visitor!). Madison is a lovely area, and Clifty Falls State Park is one of my favorite state parks.

  2. aullori

    Fab-u-lous! That is a perfect wildflower shot.. Gorgeous… This is by the way one of my favorite flowers on the forest floor too. We get ones tho that are really short. I’d love to see yours. (we get small mountain bluebells the blossoms are the same but they grow really low to the ground.) I bet your tall ones are breathtaking – well… anyway your photos attest to the fact that they are – this shot is probably the most beautiful wildflower shot I’ve ever seen.

  3. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Truddle..I shoot with a Sigma 150 macro, never leave home without it.

    Nate..I get just a hair more ss speed with 160 over the 100, and it doesn’t seem to affect my prints. So I just leave things as is so I don’t screw anything up 🙂


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