“B&W Leaf Art”

Another leaf shot….This time because this leaf was dried out and lacked any saturated color, I converted it to B&W, I also turned the leaf on to it’s lighter side to make the effect even more desaturated,.I tried to emphasize form and shadow with this one to convey a darker mood, if you can give a leaf mood, just trying to think out of the box a little bit and try something different.

I shot this one at f/18 with a 30 second ss, at iso 160.



18 thoughts on ““B&W Leaf Art”

  1. montucky

    That turned out beautifully! I wouldn’t have thought to shot it that way! It brings our things in the leaf that color never would.

  2. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Mark… the bg is black cloth pinned to cordboard, leaned the board against wall at an angle to keep the leaf from not sliding off, and then positioned camera to make it to look suspended.

    Thanks for taking a look 🙂

  3. Bobbie

    Very effective use of the black cloth background, Bernie. I’ve done something similar with individual sea shells, but never as black and white. Well done.

  4. truddle

    Bernie this is just breathtaking – something so simple – Action, all in one – I love it!

    The second I seen this, it was as if the leaf was saying “Do you want to dance?”

  5. aullori

    Hey, first thanks for another wonderful studio suggestion for this bored housewife. 🙂 And onto the leaf – I really love the detail in this. I believe you did capture a mood with this leaf. The enhanced features of the leaf look almost (humm…. digging in my gray matter for the right word?) well, important, dignified, valuable? As if mercury or silver runs through the veins of a leaf. That’s beautiful. I like how you made something so important that isn’t. I think this picture is a real testimony to your talent (in my not so humble opinion) the real challenge for a photographer is to find beauty in all things and to remind us to care about these lovely things. You did both. Really nice.

  6. forestrat

    I always like to study the veins running through leaves. We often think of trees as static things, but the veins bring to mind movement, energy, growth, pulse, etc. Nice photo.



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