“Dahlia Abstract”

Shot this dahlia a while back…. Thought I might share it with you now, this is one of my favorite photos, I blew 2 of these up to 13×19 and flipped them so that they made a mirror image of each other matted and framed them and hung them opposite of each other in a friends house and they came out great.

I shot this at f/2.8 at 1/3 of a second at iso 100. I then converted to B&W and added a cooling filter to get this effect, hope you enjoy it.



23 thoughts on ““Dahlia Abstract”

  1. barbara

    Nature’s abstract in a way. The photo shows such depth, as if you could place your finger inside a petal. And the b/w with lovely contrast. I would love to see the mirror images together. Do you have a shot to share?

  2. paintingartist

    Bad to the Bone Bernie! Very beautiful and great idea for hanging. Would make an awesome focal point. You might have a little interior designer in ya! I love how the lightest tone is in the center of the flower.

  3. cruxphoto

    I love to hear what people do with their photos. I have yet to use too many of my photos as true art pieces. I need to be more creative, and I like your idea of taking the same image and mirroring it.

  4. Bobbie

    I, too, would love to see the two mirror images hung. I can imagine it’s beautiful. I can understand why this is one of your favorite shots. I’m amazed at the depth.

  5. aullori

    Many here applauded you and I do too this is beautiful and understand why you love it too – I really appreciate you sharing your method of presentation. I love how gentle and delicate the focal point is … right on the tips of the three petals that scan across the page – it really shows how a flower stripped down to the very basics can be breathtakingly beautiful. Could be just me and my obvious bias however this looks like a gallery piece to me.

    p.s. your friend makes you a case of wine – you gave him this???… dang… I really do need to socialize more! 😉

  6. Richard Wong

    You are doing a great job with the macro Bernie. I bought a macro lens over a year and a half ago thinking I was going to shoot a lot of macro but it turns out that I use it more for shooting trees and travel when I need the sharpness. Weird how things turn out.

  7. Zarquon

    Fantastic shot!
    The DoF and dramatics of the B&W/filter tones work great with the tight crop of the image. A very powerful image of a common, yet apparently very intricate item.

  8. dahlia

    i realy liked the photo couse it’s realy white and pure….it is the best white dahlia i ever seen..thank u artist


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