“Sycamore Leaf Art”

I shot this one two days ago before the really heavy rains set in, we are now over 6 inches of rain the last two days, I shot this one in a little creek bed that had just a skiff of water in it…now there is about six feet of water in there.

This sycamore leaf was floating in about 3 inches of water and was partially submerged when I shot this, I got the idea from Mike Moats who is a master of this type of image, I shot it with my white balance on fluorescent to give it the cool blue look it has. My settings were f/16 at 1/6 of a second and my iso was set at 200. Hopefully the next couple days I will be able to get out and shoot some waterfall and creek shots since the creeks are finally filling up again.

BTW If you want to see more of Mike’s work you can go here….




31 thoughts on ““Sycamore Leaf Art”

  1. HeyJules

    I love that you thought to change the lighting to fluorescent – that’s something I never remember to do in field! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

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  3. aullori

    This is an interesting piece …and not my favorite of yours. (Okay till now you always thought I was a suck up didn’t ya?) Now the colors are brilliant and extremely pleasing to the eye. However, I do like this leaf because it made me rethink art. My initial reaction was this is not even close to true to life – it looks metal like something off a sci-fi flick. Without pollution this guy could not happen and that I didn’t like much. I guess on some level (and thus the rethinking part) I’m a big fan of the work telling us something about the subject – heck anything. Okay that said I’ll try to redeem for a second my narrow minded thinking. I read a quote by a artist in Brooklyn who said, “More and more I feel like the most radical thing art can do is give someone an experience they feel is unfamiliar in some way.” `Dana Schutz. With this guy you did do that. So I’ll restate this; (I added all of it to let you know how my mental babble came together) “This is an extremely radical piece of art. I really like the colors in it. It’s a very brave piece probably a lot closer to art than I could ever create. Bravo for your hard work and imagination.” 😉 Okay okay maybe I am a suck up.

  4. jencam

    Presumably you are using a digital camera?

    Guess what. When I was last in America (I live in Australia)I forgot to bring home my digital camera manual with me. So I have forgotten how to change the WB. But it is good to see photos taken on something other than auto. I recently wrote a post about this.

    What I find amazing about America is its landscape except for in California. I also can’t get it into my head that it snows in the midwest and then is very hot in summer. For me the middle of a country is just pure desert.

    I need to travel to get photos like this. We don’t have sycamores.

  5. Mark

    I don’t try using different white balances for creative effect enough Bernie. Thanks for the push! I like the impact it provides with this.

  6. pedro cardona

    i’ve been watching your blog and your shots are very interesting, i leave a post in this one becouse the color game and textures are really incredible, congratulations

    best wishes and good shots


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