“Clifty Falls”

This is an image of “Clifty Falls”  one of my favorite places to hike and photograph, not only because of the beauty of the falls and park but also because it’s in my own backyard. Sometimes we get caught up in traveling to far off locations for the shot of a life time, but I must say I have some pretty nice locations right here on my own doorstep, you just have to get off your rear hike around and sometimes the beauty of nature will appear closer than you ever thought possible.

We have had a pretty dull fall so far, luckily we have had a lot of rain the last couple of days and things are starting to look better, so this year I am going to stay relatively close to home and capture the beauty that lies all around me. Tomorrow a quick trip into Southwestern Ohio a couple hours away from here to take a look at a new place to photograph and then all next week I will work Clifty Park and the surrounding locals for fall colors.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have significantly added to my portfolio and will then be able to share my images with you. So thanks for hanging around with me on this little blogging ride I am on and have a great weekend.

BTW…My settings for this image were f/16 at 14 seconds, my iso was set at 200 my white balance was set at cloudy +3 and I shot this one with my 17-55 Nikon lens at 23 mm. I also use the Nikon D200.



21 thoughts on ““Clifty Falls”

  1. montucky

    That’s a really nice shot Bernie! That is a beautiful place. You are so right about capturing the beauty near you. I suppose it can’t always be that way, but it always seems there is something close that’s worth looking at.

  2. HeyJules

    I can’t believe this is in your backyard. Wow…I’m so jealous!

    Beautiful print – I especially love the way you caught the waterfalls. The translucency of it in the middle is just gorgeous.

  3. vyala

    Hi Bernie,
    this is a beautiful place and I like this shot very much. It looks incredibly “silky”, so delicate in all its natural beauty so that I can nearly hear the whispering of the water.

  4. Mark

    This is a very nice falls Bernie. I wish some were closer to where I live. Waterfall photography for me always means planning a trip for a couple of days or more.

  5. barbara

    One great waterfall shot. Thanks for posting your settings. As a rank beginner, I am starting to see a relationship between all those “crazy numbers.”

  6. Bobbie

    Hi Bernie. This is a fabulous shot — not just the waterfall itself, which is gorgeous, but also the colors in the rock face. You’ve certainly captured the whole thing in a dreamy way. (And I agree with you about not neglecting what’s in our own backyards.)

  7. paintingartist

    I love the water. You have a great feel for capturing the beauty of water. Nice composition. Interesting rock formations compared to the ones where I live. They are more rounded here. Good luck with your fall color shots I can’t wait to see them.

  8. conchlife

    I am out mowing my yard (well, small patch of grass) in 85 degree heat and you are playing with your camera. Something unfair going on here. I realize it is the wrong thread, but loved the floating leaf shot of a day or two ago. Hope all is well in the Heartland.

  9. Kevin

    Not only do I appreciate your images, the technical and exposure info is also valuable to the rest of us that would like to capture such beauty. Kudos!!

  10. Sherin

    Bernie, I don’t have any word to say very blindly on this photo but you have an appreciation from my heart. I have added this as my desktop wall paper. Hope I can

    Wishes from Sherin – Investinternals


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