“Fall Silhouette”

Shot this one yesterday afternoon at Clifty Falls State Park, I was walking along a trail when I looked up towards the road and got a nice view of this maple tree set against this colorful backdrop. The falls colors are still lagging behind a little here in Southern Indiana so I still may get in few days to shoot before the leaves all fall off.

We are supposed to have a couple of hard freezes here the next couple of days which should really kick the colors in, it would be great if we could get a little rain as well, but I don’t really have a say in the matter so I will just have to take advantage of whatever conditions come my way. I used my 17-55 lens shot at 17 mm to get this perspective, also it was shot at 1/4 of a second at f/14. I set my iso to 160 and the white balance was set to auto +3.

BTW…I will try to catch up on all your blogs tonight, things have been very busy around here with basketball practice and trying to shoot a few images and work as well, I haven’t been avoiding you guys I swear 🙂



19 thoughts on ““Fall Silhouette”

  1. paintingartist

    Bernie, you are really great at seeing only the beauty in a scene and reducing it until that is all thats left. Great shot Bernie. Your shots are always a little different than others as well which I like.

  2. montucky

    The color detail in this is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful shot! It brings to mind the stained glass in a cathedral!

  3. aullori

    ahhh what happens if you take the time to pray and invite heaven into your backyard…? maybe you get this? Or maybe your the kind of guy who always says fall is his favorite time of the year and thus your being rewarded… I don’t know but THIS IS AMAZING!! (p.s. sorry for yelling usually I’m quite civilized.)

  4. Mark

    This is an exposure nightmare and you nailed it Bernie. Great shot. I particularly like the simple framing of the center tree that has more character to it.

  5. Mark

    Hi Bernie,
    I have come across your site on Zinbio. I was out and about yesterday doing the same thing. Oue Autumn colour isn’t as good as yours, as you have more reds and oranges, but it still is a great time of the year.
    I think you have a real winner with this image as the colour and the framing with the 3 trees works really well.
    I hope you dont mind as I have added your link to my site.

    Cheers Mark

  6. Photo Buffet

    Wow, Bernie, it’s hard to pick a favorite when you give us so many spectacular images, but this one really took my breath away. The silhouetted trees are such an opposite to those bright fall colors in the background. I’d love to see this matted and framed.

    Your work is a blessing. Keep ’em coming.


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