Monthly Archives: November 2007

“Gerbera Petal Abstract”

Looking for something a little different today, found this old file of a dahlia petal, I liked the abstract look and vivid colors in this. I like shooting this type of image very shallow and enhancing the form and colors of the petals, I tried shooting this bloom as whole and was never really satisfied with it, I think this type of flower looks better in more of an abstract view.

I shot this one with my 150 macro at f/2.8 with a ss of 1/4 second at iso 200, thanks for taking a look.



” Fall Creek “

Another shot from Clifty Falls, just a little cascade in a side branch of Clifty Creek, not a whole lot of color but still a pretty nice scene.

17-55 @24mm,f/16 1.5 seconds at iso 160.


“Intimate Curve”

Another shot from Clifty Falls State Park, I found this little curve in the stream bed and like the curve in it, and I thought the splash of colors from the leaves added a nice touch. This is one that I wasn’t real happy with when I looked at it in camera, but after getting it home it took on a totally different look after I ran it thru the curves, saturation and surface blur.

d200,17-55 @17mm, f/22, 1.5 seconds, iso 100 cropped from the top and right to get rid of a rotten snag in the stream.


“Poplar Leaf Abstract”

Another closeup leaf abstract shot I have been playing with, I tried to get as close as possible to take in all the structure and details of this beautiful leaf, I love the burnt bronze orange color of this.

It has been a pretty bad year for landscapes this fall season, but I have had a really good time shooting these leaf shots, hope you have enjoyed viewing as much as I have  been taking them.

The techs for this shot were 150 macro with ext. tube, f/22 at 1.5 seconds, iso 100. White balance was set at auto.


“Maple Leaf Art”

Another leaf shot from this fall, this leaf was floating in a little pool in the creek I was working, I liked the blue reflections from the sky and the golden reflection along the bottom part of the image was from a limb filled with yellow leaves directly above the leaf.

I shot this one with my 150 macro, at f/16, 2 seconds at iso 160.


“Tunnel Falls and Cascades”

Another shot from my hike in Clifty Falls State Park the other day, I hiked down over the canyon and into the creek bottom to get this shot, I spent most of the day in knee deep and sometimes a little higher water. The water was running very high thru the canyon and had a slight muddy color to it which I had to just live with, right now the leaves were really starting to look good, but a strong cold front with high winds has now descended on our area and will probably blow down most the leaves that had any color. I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun.

This one was shot with my 17-55 at 25mm, with a f/22 and a ss of 2.5 seconds and my iso was set at 160. I am not real sure about this image, there is a lot for me to like but the fallen log really bothers me, any thoughts about it from you would be nice. Thanks for taking a look.


“Blue Cascades”

Shot at Clifty Falls State Park, earlier this week, I loved the blue dappled light that was sweeping down into the gorge and over these cascades. The red leaf perched on the edge of the rapid added a nice anchor to the image.

Shot this one with my 17-55 at 55mm, f/22 with a ss of 2.5 seconds, at iso 100.