“Blue Cascades”

Shot at Clifty Falls State Park, earlier this week, I loved the blue dappled light that was sweeping down into the gorge and over these cascades. The red leaf perched on the edge of the rapid added a nice anchor to the image.

Shot this one with my 17-55 at 55mm, f/22 with a ss of 2.5 seconds, at iso 100.



27 thoughts on ““Blue Cascades”

  1. paintingartist

    Bernie, I absolutely love how the foreground forces you to look up to that marvelous upper ground you captured. One beutiful shot. You know how to show just what needs to be seen.

  2. montucky

    Nice! I love what you capture in your water photos! The shades of color are soothing and the softness is relaxing. The leaf is perfect in the photo!

  3. Richard Wong

    Delicious water as I already commented earlier on NPN. I notice you’re using the 17-55, my uncle has the same set up and the files look nearly flawless from what I have seen. That must surely help with the image processing time.

  4. aullori

    This is a beauty – in every sense of the word. Honestly, I like your comment about the leaf. The water looks almost like moving ice which is really mind blowing. Many of your images come across as impossible shots – impossible, improbable moments… beautiful. It reminds me of that ineffable moment in the woods that you cannot describe to anyone but you experienced yourself. (And attempting to describe it makes you sound a little nutty so in the end you decide to keep it to yourself.) You manage to capture the secrets of the forests and that is amazing. To be honest, I never thought anyone could do this, so to watch you do this on a regular basis is a joy – actually an ineffable joy. Amazing work Bernie – really mind blowing.

  5. conchlife

    Bernie, what are the kids learning at practice if you are spending all this time in the woods? And not one pic of an antlered creature near a salt lick. Must be getting old and docile.

  6. truddle

    This photo stopped me in my tracks, and I had to sit and look at it for a long time — it is beyond beautiful. I echo everything everyone else has said.

  7. Claire

    I too think this is a awesome shot 🙂

    I am finally getting a chance to put the boots on tomorrow and off to Devil’s Kitchen. The camera will be with me, so fingers crossed for nice weather.

  8. kml

    All those levels of little falls are awesome! Glad you caught the leaf before it got swept away – it’s a perfect splash of color!

  9. davidlind

    This is such a wonderful photo I had to come back and look at it some more. And it has been reviewed eight times at SU! That’s great. How many views does that translate into Bernie?

  10. barbara

    Bernie, Looks like you have a winner from the above comments. And I always think your photos are this side of amazing. (You’re one of my ‘mentors’ 🙂

  11. amuirin

    Yeah, the leaf adds a perspective that gives the whole picture depth. I love the blue rock ledge, swept over by water at the nearest angle, near the bottom. So tactile.


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