“Tunnel Falls and Cascades”

Another shot from my hike in Clifty Falls State Park the other day, I hiked down over the canyon and into the creek bottom to get this shot, I spent most of the day in knee deep and sometimes a little higher water. The water was running very high thru the canyon and had a slight muddy color to it which I had to just live with, right now the leaves were really starting to look good, but a strong cold front with high winds has now descended on our area and will probably blow down most the leaves that had any color. I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun.

This one was shot with my 17-55 at 25mm, with a f/22 and a ss of 2.5 seconds and my iso was set at 160. I am not real sure about this image, there is a lot for me to like but the fallen log really bothers me, any thoughts about it from you would be nice. Thanks for taking a look.



22 thoughts on ““Tunnel Falls and Cascades”

  1. chantry

    Hello. Sorry, I don’t know you, I was just browsing the photography section on wordpress.

    You’re right the log is really distracting, but it is a nice photo =). If I was there, I would probably take a shot closer to the water, as the background elements are kind of distracting, but that’s just a preference.

  2. montucky

    That’s a beautiful scene and a terrific piece of work! The log bothers me a little too: it’s imposing and doesn’t blend with the rest of the scene. Butt… it’s a photo of the natural world, and that log is a part of it!

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  4. paintingartist

    Bernie I love the depth of the composition you come up with. As for the log I like it. I think it strengthens the depth. I wish I could always put something in the immediate foreground.

  5. HeyJules

    Seriously…I didn’t even SEE the log until you said something. I was staring at the waterfalls and totally missed it.

    Now that I see it, though, it is a bit distracting. Still…a pretty decent photo if you ask me.

  6. Photo Buffet

    I’m not distracted by the log at all; in fact, I think it adds an interesting dimension. I can imagine the photo without it, but hey–you’re just recording nature as you found it. There’s lots to like about this photo. Nice work!

  7. Beyond Megapixels

    Hi! The log is a little bit distracting but beautiful photo nonetheless. My husband and I run a blog on photography and we recently included you in our list of photoblogs to watch. 🙂

  8. Mark

    Hi Bernie. Boy you sure have a neat place near you with this Clifty falls park!! I would say the log bugs me also – it is a strong element in the frame, and also contains areas of the highest contrast. The picture would be great without it. I think it could be cloned out with some work.

  9. aullori

    “I spent most of the day in knee deep and sometimes a little higher water”

    see! I knew a good photographer suffers for his art! (this was a huge debate at my table a week ago! I’m rubbing this comment in my brother’s face now!) 😉 Alright! I love a good bet especially when I win.

    I felt like my last comment, on your last photo, kind of covered your work as a whole. So I won’t repeat it except to say – you never fail to impress me Bernie. I’ve seen some amazing work and nothing more consistently knocks my socks off than yours. (Okay …okay now here I am blaming my cold feet on you!)

  10. truddle

    The picture is beautiful and the log allows the viewer the sense of imagination. Is Bernie holding onto that log while taking the picture – is the camera balanced on an out of view part of the log – did a bird just fly away or is one about to fly in? Great capture Bernie I like this one a lot!

  11. Erin

    I agree that the branch melts out of sight because of the beauty of the image. But I can hear my old photography prof say in his S. African accent “no. the branch is wrong!”

    I hate photoshop but I guess this is what it was created for.

  12. Rich

    The log in foreground on left does not make for an idyllic capture. However if there was any way to lean on the log and shoot forward so as to eliminate it, then you’d have what you wanted. But the danger of losing your grip and your equipment is no doubt not worth the effort. Perhaps there is an alternative angle.


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