“Poplar Leaf Abstract”

Another closeup leaf abstract shot I have been playing with, I tried to get as close as possible to take in all the structure and details of this beautiful leaf, I love the burnt bronze orange color of this.

It has been a pretty bad year for landscapes this fall season, but I have had a really good time shooting these leaf shots, hope you have enjoyed viewing as much as I have  been taking them.

The techs for this shot were 150 macro with ext. tube, f/22 at 1.5 seconds, iso 100. White balance was set at auto.



22 thoughts on ““Poplar Leaf Abstract”

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  2. paintingartist

    Absolutely remarkable Bernie. Detail throughout. Very well done.

    I love the color myself. I think artists and photographers all too often shy away from orange and bronze.

    If you get a chance take a piece of glass and paint the backside black and photo a leaf on it. I’d love to see what you come up with.

  3. HeyJules

    I really like that this one appears to be decomposing – that it’s acurately depicting its current set of circumstances. You could have doctored it up in PS but then you would have had an old, ordinary leaf.

    Great job, B.


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