“Intimate Curve”

Another shot from Clifty Falls State Park, I found this little curve in the stream bed and like the curve in it, and I thought the splash of colors from the leaves added a nice touch. This is one that I wasn’t real happy with when I looked at it in camera, but after getting it home it took on a totally different look after I ran it thru the curves, saturation and surface blur.

d200,17-55 @17mm, f/22, 1.5 seconds, iso 100 cropped from the top and right to get rid of a rotten snag in the stream.



24 thoughts on ““Intimate Curve”

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  2. davidlind

    This one I love big time. This shot is the best of this variety in my view. It has a yin and yang quality. A combination of colors that is very nice. Wet and dry. Hard and soft.
    Thanks for your post. I appreciate your words a great deal and don’t feel like you need to say anything. We are on an unspoken level. Find the place where you are enjoying the moment. It’s in this photo for starters.

  3. truddle

    What a stunning photo! The first thing that caught my eye was the face within the curve of the rock. You are such a natural Bernie – your photo’s always say a lot.

  4. aullori

    I love that curve as well – that is really captivating. Your cropping here was fabulous I love it when the lines draw the eye to the edge of the photo – that always feels like (to me) an echo of the artist’s ability to control and I find it fascinating always. That milky kind of texture to the water under the curve is really a neat effect as well… very nice work Bernie! What a beautiful shot.

  5. Photo Buffet

    WOW! You know what I really love about this shot, Bernie? The left foreground area. It looks like I could reach into the photo and pick up a leaf. I also admire how you’ve captured that clear reflection in the background area, just at the point where the water approaches the edge.

    Lots to appreciate in this photo! Thanks for sharing your gift.

  6. conchlife

    As if you have nothing else going on today, not one single picture of a Turkey? Seriously, good luck tonight and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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